Every day is Earth Day at Haldane Elementary School

Haldane Elementary School in Chase, British Columbia is the first school in Canada to attain Earth Status III from the SEEDS Foundation Green School Program.  After 17 years of completing 3,000 enviro-friendly initiatives, the school community achieved this landmark in 2008.

Students in Haldane's very active Green Kid's Club play a leading role in encouraging others to do their part for the environment.  Their initiatives included planting trees in nearby Neskonlith Provincial Park; holding garbage-free lunch contests; painting fish markers near sewer drains; fundraising for clean water projects in India; assisting with local beautification projects and running a successful recycling and composting program within the school.

Students and teachers are working hard to maintain the school's national first place position.  They now have their sights set on achieving Earth Status V by completing an additional 5,000 enviro-friendly initiatives.

Haldene Elementary school is located in the Kamloops Thompson school district.