Catholic School Teaching Jobs in British Columbia

BC Catholic School jobs

Canadian teachers are in demand in British Columbia's Catholic schools. There are 57 Catholic school teacher job openings available right now, and 38 are in full-time teaching roles. The majority of Catholic school teaching opportunities are in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions in the cities of Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby and Langley. If you are looking to escape the big city, there are many opportunities in smaller communities located around Kamloops, Nelson, and Prince George.

Catholic School Teaching Jobs

Here is a complete list of teaching opportunities.

Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese

Catholic Independent Schools, Diocese of Prince George

Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese

Catholic Independent Schools Kamloops Diocese

Catholic Independent Schools of the Diocese of Victoria

Little Flower Academy

St. Thomas More Collegiate

How do you Apply for Jobs in BC's Catholic Schools?

When you apply to teach in BC's Catholic schools, you apply to a regional Catholic diocese rather than a school board or school district. For example, if you're interested in a teaching position at St. Patricks' Regional Secondary in Vancouver, you send your application to the Catholic Independent Schools of Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA). Working with the school's principal, the CISVA's staff reviews and screens applications to find the best candidates.

There are exceptions to this rule. Vancouver College, St. Thomas More Collegiate and Little Flower Academy are the only Catholic schools that do not hire through a regional diocese.

Application Requirements

Most Catholic school employers will request the same documents you'd expect to include in a job application with public schools. In addition to a valid BC teaching certificate, you will also need a pastoral reference form in your job application package. When you're applying to a teaching job, make sure to read the job application requirements carefully because requirements may vary among employers.

If you have questions about teaching in BC's Catholic schools, please contact us.

Catholic School Career Fair

Did you know that on April 8, 2021, BC's Catholic schools are holding a virtual career fair? If you're looking for a full-time teaching job in a Catholic school environment, join us!

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