Building Dream Teams in Schools

With hockey playoffs in full swing, we are reminded with each game of the importance of having the right people in the right positions. And what's true on the ice is just as true in our school districts.

When we have the best people working in our classrooms and district offices, we're able to create the best educational environment for our students and a working environment that enables each person to achieve their professional goals.

"School districts are looking for ways to create winning teams and be leading employers," says Hugh Finlayson, Executive Director/CEO of the BC Public School Employers' Association. "That's why we've developed tools to help them attract great employees and why we offer professional development training so that they can create a dynamic and progressive working environment."

The fall 2008 issue of the BCPSEA newsletter NewsLink features articles for human resource professionals and others who want to learn about the latest issues and trends in workforce planning.

The lead article, "Human resources planning for the future," outlines the BCPSEA's integrated sustainable workforce initiative. Based on employee and student demographic data, this initiative incorporates strategies at both the provincial and district level for recruiting, motivating and retaining employees.

In fact, the Make a Future – Careers in Education website is a key element of the initiative as it makes it much easier for job seekers in BC and beyond to find positions, learn about our school districts and apply online.

The fall issue of NewsLink also highlights the need for districts to brand themselves. It's not just employers who are doing the evaluating. Job seekers also assess potential employers and communities before deciding whether they will apply for a position. One of the best ways for employers to begin developing their brand is to fine-tune their employment value proposition – essentially a statement that answers the question why do I want to work here?

The BCPSEA offers workshops for districts to help them create an employment value proposition that will sets them apart from competing employers within the job market. You can download the entire issue of NewsLink to read these and other articles and learn more about BCPSEA initiatives to help districts build great teams.