5 tips for teachers job searching during the COVID-19 pandemic

two women social distancing at home on computers

Employers are hiring!

As organizations and schools are moving their employees to virtual workplaces to combat the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering if you should bother applying for jobs or assume that no one is hiring right now. While BC schools may seem preoccupied with setting up online learning environments for students and virtual workspaces for their employees, they are also looking to the future! If you run a quick search on our job board, you'll find hundreds of full-time job opportunities. Here are a few tips from the Make a Future team for your ongoing job search:

  1. Apply for your B.C. Teaching Certificate.
  2. Create your Make a Future profile.
  3. Find the perfect employer.
  4. Make your list of "must-haves."
  5. Channel your inner Zen master.

Apply for your B.C. teaching certificate.

Applying for your B.C. teaching certificate is a straightforward task, but the process can be lengthy. Get a jump start on the process by using this time at home to gather the documentation you need to start your application with the B.C. Teacher Certification Branch (TCB). You'll need to gather university transcripts and references, which can take some time! Start your application or learn about the certification process on TCB's website.

Did you know that under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), teachers in other provinces may be eligible for a B.C. teaching certificate without additional courses or exams?

Create your Make a Future account.

You'll need to create a Make a Future account for each school or school district you're hoping to work. In the process, you'll need to upload a variety of supporting documents, so put on your favourite Spotify playlist, warm-up the scanner, and start scanning! Check out our Application Checklist for an idea of what to expect.

Have you heard about our B.C. Passport system? The BC Passport saves you time by copying and linking your personal information and supporting documents from your existing account to a newly created account(s).

Find the perfect employer.

With so many different employers in education, use this time to find the right one for you.  Are you looking for professional development opportunities? Help with moving costs? Tuition reimbursement? Each employer has its own virtues, values, culture and perks, so take the time to figure out which is the best fit for you.

Read through our employer profiles of public school districts, independent schools, and First Nation schools.

Create a list of "must-haves."

Job seekers often jump at the first available opportunity or dive into their job search without fully considering what they want to do next. Take this time to reflect on your values and your goals, so you have a clear sense of where you want to work and what of employer interests you.

Have you always wanted to teach in an I.B. school? Maybe your true passion is outdoor education? Are you looking to move into a smaller, rural community with urban amenities? Have you dreamed of living close to the ocean? Make your list of "must-haves," so when the opportunity arises, you'll know if it's a good fit.

Channel your inner Zen-master.

As you go through the job search process, remember to be patient with yourself and the employers you're waiting to hear back. B.C. schools are navigating unchartered territory with hiring, just like you. Don't call the employer if you don't hear back from them right away. Staff are doing their best to process your application and set-up interviews.

If you're looking for more information on how to make a move to B.C. or where to start your search, make sure to connect with us at contactus@makeafuture.ca and we can answer any questions you may have.