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Making the Selection Decision

To make a selection decision, you will need to integrate all the valuable information you have collected from different sources, including the interview, background checks and any other supplementary methods you used to evaluate candidates.

To obtain the most accurate and valid results, you should assign a weighting or quantitative value to each of the assessment methods used during the selection process.  Whatever weighting system you develop, remember to draw on all the relevant information you have collected and use the same approach with all candidates.

At the end of this stage in the process, you will have a ranked list of candidates. After you and the other interviewers discuss the integrated results, you will be able to decide which candidate is most suitable and is the first choice to fill the position.

You can include a wide range of information to help you design the final selection process – from the resumé and initial application materials through to the behavioural interview, background reference checks and supplementary evaluation methods like knowledge tests or workplace simulations. Assign a weighting to each category you use and assess each candidate against each element you are evaluating.