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Hiring Non-BC Residents

The process for hiring out-of-province employees follows the same steps as hiring an employee from within BC. The one difference, however, is that if the employee works in one of the many professional occupations and apprenticeable trades that are regulated by self-governing bodies and legislation specific to each province and territory, the employee must apply for a licence or certificate from the relevant organization to work in the province.

The following positions require province-specific certification:

  • Teachers: Must hold a certificate of qualification issued by the Teacher Regulation Branch. Individuals moving to BC will need to submit a detailed application to the Teacher Regulation Branch that includes records of academic transcripts, teacher evaluation reports, record of work experience, etc.
  • Apprenticeable trades: Please contact the Industry Training Authority (ITA) for information on training and certification within BC.
  • Other professions: Many other self-regulated professions may require you to obtain a licence or certificate to work in BC.