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Why does my candidate receive a temporary work permit even though I am offering a permanent position?

  • It is common to have a new employee first come to Canada on a temporary work permit and then transition to permanent resident status if desired.   This has the added benefit of giving the employer and the employee time to evaluate their relationship and ensure the employee really does like it here in Canada. The person’s immigration status is temporary but the position itself is permanent.

Do I always need to recruit in Canada first?

  • Usually yes, unless you are able to take advantage of the work permit provisions under NAFTA.  To do this, the candidate must be an American or Mexican citizen and must be filling one of these positions:  Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist or Accountant (and have the necessary pre-requisites).

Do I need to make a job offer before starting the work permit application process?

  • No, not if you are applying for a Pre-Approval work permit.  In this case, you may recruit and process the Labour Market Opinion application (part of the application process) at the same time.