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Last Updated: 5/29/2024 6:04:28 AM EST

School Overview

Westmont Montessori School is a local community-minded independent school committed to academic excellence in a caring, learning environment. Westmont Montessori is located in Metchosin, a rural community bordering the Greater Victoria region.

Why teach at Westmont Montessori?

At the heart of the Montessori philosophy is the belief that each person is a unique individual with strengths to contribute to society. It is a method designed to engage a child’s natural curiosity within an environment that is specially prepared to maximize learning opportunities.

School & Workplace Culture

Our small community focused Montessori program offers teachers the opportunity to work in a team-oriented workplace with a focus on supporting each other and finding a balance between work and home life.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Vancouver Island offers residents access to amazing natural surroundings at your doorstep. Teachers can enjoy hiking, surfing, biking, and arts programming and performances. The lifestyle on the Island is slow-paced in an outdoor-focused location set in a close-knit community making it a perfect destination for the outdoor lovers.

Metchosin also offers several amenities in the community including a local YMCA, golf courses, surfing spots, museums, and bowling.

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Draw for Employees

Our family-oriented learning environment takes an individual approach to learning where students are challenged to be their best from the early primary years through to the middle years.

Application Requirements

Teaching candidates must have Montessori training and submit an online application.

Salary and Benefits

Westmont Montessori offers a competitive salary which ranges from $30,000-$80,000. We also offer a benefits package, RRSP contributions, professional development fund, and tuition discount for teachers with children attending our school.

Why you’ll love it here

Westmont Montessori offers:

  • Professional Development funds
  • Small class sizes
  • Respectful and engaged students
  • Beautiful campus with new facilities
  • Competitive salary