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Why Teach at Senpaq’cin School


Senpaq’cin is built on sqilxw culture, beliefs and values. We nurture relationships to self, others and the land to inspire global learners and ensure a bright future for all. Senpaq’cin understands that Indigenous knowledge and collaboration are fundamental to the future sustainability of the tmxʷulaʔxʷ (Earth). Our vision is to create a school of excellence which empowers cultural identity and inspires life-long learning.

School & community culture

School Community

Staff work together collaboratively to meet all four quadrants of the development needs of our students – educational, emotional, social and physical areas. We have trauma-informed staff, and the learning environments have adaptations to support students with different learning styles. Adaptations include stationary bikes, flexible seating options, regulation stations and other recommended occupational therapy tools for students to access.

We are rooted in traditional teachings from the oral histories of the sqixw people. Students gain conceptual knowledge of Indigenous practices through hands-on experiences within and outside of language classes. This can include learning the significance of fire, how to dry and process hides, building and using drying racks, conserving and preserving of traditional foods, weaving, and much more.

Competitive sports have a rooted history within the Osoyoos Indian Band community.  As such, the school honours the community’s history by providing opportunities for students to play cooperative games, learn essential sportsmanship skills and enjoy friendly competition against local public schools and other Band Schools within our Nation.

Senpaq’cin School has a full-time, 4-year-old early intervention program for pre-kindergarten-aged students with access to outside agencies to help provide quality programming to support the needs of students entering the school system for the first time.

Families are fortunate to have several options for seamless transitions for afterschool care within the school building.

Field trip

IB Primary Years Programme


In the spring of 2018, we became the first on-reserve First Nation school in the Americas to receive authorization as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) School. Senpaq’cin developed a Programme of Inquiry (POI) using the essential elements of the IB Curriculum Framework. We focused on creating a POI that reflects an Indigenous way of knowing and directly connects students to their cultural identity. Our official second language is the nsyilxcn language alongside students.

Our community

Oliver is a rural community of approximately 7,000 people located in the beautiful Southern Okanagan Valley and situated on prime agricultural land.  If you enjoy experiencing all four seasons, outdoor activities, winter sports and tourist attractions then this is the community for you!  Our school is within walking distance of the ice arena, swimming pool, curling rink, parks, hospital and downtown.

Oliver is known as the “Wine Capital of Canada” and boasts plenty of sunshine and mild winters. The town is a tourist destination hot spot from May through to October. It is close to several local ski hills, many golf courses rated as the best in British Columbia, and a multitude of nearby lakes for fishing, boating, canoeing and swimming.


Teachers are paid parody to the local school district wages. The band offers all employees a comprehensive and comparable medical and dental benefits plan. Upon completing a probationary period, staff can contribute to a 5% employee-employer-matched pension plan.  Teachers have access to many paid professional development opportunities throughout the school year.




Applicants must hold:

  • Canadian Citizenship or have Canadian Permanent Residency
  • Valid BC Teaching Certificate – temporary or permanent certificate

Preferred Assets:

  • First Nations
  • International Baccalaureate workshop certificates (Primary Years Programme)
  • Previous teaching experiences