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Last Updated: 6/18/2024 10:06:34 PM EST

School Overview

Located along the Fraser River, just outside Agassiz, about 30 kilometers from Hope & Chilliwack. Lalme’Iwesawtexw (Seabird Island Community School) is an independent, K-12 First Nations school that is home to 215 students.

We are committed to fostering innovative and dynamic learning environments in our two schools, a K-7 elementary school, and high school. The schools are steps from each other, ensuring a smooth transition for learners as they progress.

Classrooms at Lalme’Iwesawtexw have abundant natural light and large open areas, with nearly all having integrated smart TVs for expanding on material with videos and visuals.

Planning outdoor activities and fun adventures is easy, with several open fields, lacrosse box, baseball field, basketball court, and scenic areas available nearby.  Including the Maria Slough & Mount Cheam.

Seabird Island Community School student ceremony


As a First Nation school, we hold our traditional cultural practices and language close to our hearts. We believe our students deserve the right to learn about and practice culture.

Language revitalization efforts have been underway at Lalme’Iwesawtexw for decades, beginning with the development of the Halq’émeylēm language curriculum and integrating it throughout daily activities and weekly class schedules.

Students and teaching staff actively participate in language-learning activities and games to learn and improve their fluency in Halq’émeylēm. Cultural teachers support students to study the connection between language and culture and engage in cultural experiences.

Students waving flags marching outside


As a teacher, you’ll have the support, freedom, and training to integrate local First Nation culture, community, technology, and experiential learning into your lessons. Teaching staff also meet weekly to collaborate on lessons, activities, and outings.

With a lower student-to-teacher ratio, you’ll have the chance to provide more personalized attention to your students and a dedicated Education Assistant in each classroom.

This allows for a more rewarding teaching experience as you witness the direct impact of your efforts on individual student growth. Lalme’Iwesawtexw has created staffing plans that provide a supportive learning environment for learners and school teams.

Group roasting marshmallows by the fire


We recognize the value of educators, so we match the local union teaching salaries and offer competitive benefits.

Our commitment to fair compensation reflects the importance placed on education and the role teachers play in supporting our learners and community.

Teachers here have access to various professional development opportunities, workshops, self-led training, empowering them to stay at the forefront of educational practices.