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School Overview

Why teach at Royal Canadian College?

Royal Canadian College is BC-certified independent international school located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We look to build students into high achievers and citizens. We strive to develop well-rounded students by encouraging them to expand their interests and take a variety of courses.

Community & School Culture

Our school is a tight-knit community, and relationships among staff and students are friendly. We enrol approximately 100 students—many of which are quick to make friends with one another.

In Vancouver, our school is located nearby the Marine Drive Canada Line Skytrain station, which makes commuting to our school extremely convenient. Within a few blocks is Marine Gateway which is a convenient place to get food, watch a movie, or grab a coffee.

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  • exterior view of the school building
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  • students attending a lecture
  • Student at science fair

Draw for Employees

Royal Canadian College is a small school with a caring and tight-knit community. We try our absolute best to ensure that nobody falls through the cracks and that teachers are well respected.

Our teachers are given opportunities to attend year-round professional development, and teachers are employed for all twelve months of the year.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers are paid based on their experience and seniority in the school. Salaries start at $50,000 per year. Bonuses are also given at the end of each year.