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Last Updated: 6/16/2024 10:01:42 PM EST

District Overview

At Richmond School District, we believe it is essential to work in partnership with the home and community to shape our educational programs and build lifelong learners. We also believe that our programs and services must adapt to the needs of each student and that it is the district’s responsibility to effectively fulfill our educational function by focusing on the learner.

Why Work for the Richmond School District?

We strive to be collaborative and work with partner groups to ensure that all employees are valued for their role and contributions. We actively support the growth of teaching and non-teaching staff by offering our employees a number of professional development and mentoring opportunities year-round.

The district has an “adopt-a-school” program for managers; attend events, read to the children, and become a part of the school community.  Everyone who works for the District makes a vital contribution to future generations whether in the classroom or behind the scenes.  If you are interested in making a difference and contributing to the Richmond community in a positive way, consider a career at Richmond School District where your work will be recognized, valued, and appreciated.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers, administrators, managers, exempt, and support staff employees typically receive a comprehensive benefits package (which may include):

  • Medical, dental, and extended health plans
  • Group life insurance benefits
  • Pension plan
  • Accidental disability insurance
  • Salary indemnity plan benefit
  • Supplemental employment benefits on maternity leave
  • Employee and family assistance programs

See Richmond School District 38’s detailed salary grid.

Richmond Community

Community Culture

Richmond is highly multicultural and diverse. We share our diverse backgrounds at many community-based cultural events that add richness to the community fabric.

We are a district with strong community ties and support. Working and in partnership with the Richmond community, we are able to hold events and operate programs such as the Annual Breakfast Club Scramble to raise awareness of school breakfast programs, and Education Week where we celebrate excellence in teaching and student achievement.

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Regional Diversity

Located at the mouth of the Fraser River, Richmond is an island city that offers residents many opportunities. Popular attractions include the quaint village of Steveston and a large and vibrant Chinatown. We are home to the Vancouver International Airport and the beautiful Richmond Olympic Oval facilities.

Specialty Programs

Richmond Public Schools elementary students

Specialty Programs

Richmond School District is known for its focus on inclusion and providing programs to meet the needs of all students. Programs range from an emphasis on the fine arts to apprenticeship partnerships with local community colleges.

If you are a teacher with a particular passion or interest in a specialized educational program, Richmond has many opportunities for you.  Some of the programs offered throughout the district include French Immersion, StrongStart, Montessori, and International Baccalaureate. In addition, Richmond also operates trades apprenticeship programs in automotive mechanics, plumbing, and cooking.