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Last Updated: 4/12/2024 4:01:20 AM EST

School Overview

Accessible by ferry, Penelakut Island is located between Vancouver Island and the mainland, and is home to an elementary school, learning centre and daycare. Penelakut education supports quality programs that promote the Hul’qumi’num culture and language and that acknowledge our children as gifts from the Creator who need our nourishment and guidance. We strive to educate our children to be independent, lifelong learners who contribute to the growth of the Penelakut Tribe’s vision of a self-governed society.

School & Community Culture

School Community

We recognize that the learning process is a joint endeavour between the student, staff, parents/caregivers, family members and community. It is our vision and belief that given the right environment, program, support and commitment, all students can learn at a high level. We develop a learning plan for each student that outlines their yearly and program goals.

School staff are responsible for setting and maintaining high, realistic academic and behavioural expectations for all students. They also set high expectations for themselves professionally, support other staff in their professional growth, offer all students the supports they need to be successful, support a welcoming environment by being vigilant around the school of activities that might affect the school environment, offer and support extracurricular activities that lead to a welcoming school environment, and maintain positive communications with all staff, parents/caregivers, family members and community. Our staff understand that we are not only staff but community role models, and as such we support parents/caregivers to create a home environment that supports learning.

Our Community

The beautiful landscape of the ocean and mountains is simply spectacular. Our semi-isolated island is accessible by ferry and its facilities include a health care centre, daycare, school and the Tribe administration office. This is a very special place, thanks to the Hul’qumi”um culture.

Why You’ll Love It Here

We have very few disciplinary issues at the school. Teachers are supported in their professional growth by FNESC/FNSA and the Penelakut administration.

Salary and Application Details

Salary and Benefits

Teacher salaries are comparable to those in School District 79 and include a full benefits package (dental, health and pension)available. We have a 4-5-day workweek. Support staff are paid $25/hour.

Application Requirements

We require a resume, cover letter, criminal record check and certification documents. Experience with Hul’qumi’num culture is preferred.