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Last Updated: 6/18/2024 10:06:34 PM EST

School Overview

Why teach at Newbridge Academy?

At Newbridge Academy, our aim is to work together to inspire every student to achieve and learn to their potential, within a happy, secure, exciting and challenging environment. We strongly believe that school is a partnership between children, parents, teachers and administrators, and that by working together we can enable and motivate children to succeed in all areas of development.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Newbridge Academy promotes academic excellence, whole child development and multiculturalism by offering courses and programs that foster a variety of academic strands, including Chinese and English language acquisition, physical education opportunities, and multicultural awareness and diplomatic skills. We believe the key to global citizenship is found in a broad-based education, effective communication, healthy living and multicultural awareness. Students leaving Newbridge Academy will be ready to take their place as responsible, influential and caring global citizens with problem solving skills and the motivation to build a better world. This is an English language school that bridges Chinese and Canadian cultures and learning styles.

Our Unique Programs

One significant feature that sets us apart is our Mandarin language program. Students receive daily instruction in Mandarin Language Arts, currently at four different levels. Children learn Mandarin from Kindergarten, with no experience necessary, and are expected to be fluent by Grade 7.

We add value to our physical education program with outside instruction in yoga, Kung Fu, swimming and dance. Our kung fu instructor and performing arts instructor both teach in Mandarin, which provides real-life context for students as they learn the language.

We also have strong mathematics program based on the Singapore math curriculum, with opportunities for students to develop problem-solving abilities and compete in math competitions.

The Community

We are located in South Surrey, near White Rock, BC. This is bedroom community of Vancouver that is becoming increasingly diverse.

School Community

Newbridge Academy provides a balanced education that addresses the academic, physical, social and emotional well-being of the child, while also developing global awareness through an early-age second language acquisition program. The school develops confident independent thinkers who have a strong social and environmental conscience, are able to think critically and creatively, and respond to the world with compassion.

The curriculum follows the BC Ministry of Education standards, teaching students through inquiry and project-based learning, collaboration and authentic assessment for learning. Students are given opportunities to display their academic achievements and leadership skills, engage in public speaking, and participate in art contests, physical activities and drama productions. They also have opportunities to volunteer at community events where diplomacy, manners and cultural sensitivity are required. The school will help encourage students to be proud of their culture and identity. Our goal is to create a safe, harmonious and structured place to joyfully engage in the learning process.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

You’ll find all the amenities of a large Canadian city, including libraries, hospitals, community centres, museums, galleries, sports facilities, movie theatres, malls and restaurants. Lying between the US border and the Fraser River, Surrey is also home to beautiful natural attractions, including Boundary Bay and Blackie Spit.

Close to the beach, and less expensive housing too

Our school is located five minutes from the beach, in an area with lower housing costs than those seen in the Vancouver area. Surrey is a relaxed and friendly community.

Draw for Employees

As a relatively new school, everything is open to possibility and we all have an opportunity to create something special together. The parents are committed to education, the children are happy and hard-working, the board is supportive and the atmosphere is very positive. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits and small classes. We are managed by a non-profit society and everyone involved is committed to our vision.

Salary and Benefits

Salaries range between $46,000 and $87,000. Other benefits include medical and dental, as well as pension contributions of 2:1 (up to a matching 10% contribution from the employer for a 5% contribution from the employee). Teachers enjoy holidays in the summer, during December and March break, and over Chinese New Year.

We provide a warm snack and lunch for the students. Teachers eat with the students and are also provided with the same food.

Why you’ll love it here

Newbridge Academy is a small school with a warm and caring atmosphere. We currently have very small classes and a high student-teacher ratio. Teachers are collaborative and collegial. We work hard to create a culture of pride in what we do, and to demonstrate that we know, understand and care about each student as an individual. We are all committed to helping this school to grow and fulfill our mission in the long term.

A collaborative workplace environment

Our teachers get along well and enjoy each other’s company. We have regular morning briefings and weekly meetings to discuss common issues and plan for the future. We all bring different strengths and share in various responsibilities.

In terms of professional development, we host in-house workshops to develop the growth of our school culture and common practice, and teachers may attend workshops and courses depending on their professional development goals and budget.

Application Requirements

Our ideal candidate will have experience teaching at the lower elementary level (primary) and/or in multi-age classrooms. It is helpful if you can offer expertise in other teaching areas such as music, visual arts, performance, French, ELL, physical education, or special or gifted education.