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Why teach at Mountain View Christian Academy?

At MVCA, we seek to develop a supportive culture and work environment for our teachers. Our school is a close community that cares about each other. The smaller class sizes afford our teachers opportunities to work with students and provide one-on-one support. We have committed teachers and staff who intentionally integrate a Biblical worldview in their instructions. There are many opportunities to share God’s love in a practical setting. Because we encourage our teachers to be who God has made them to be, they are able to foster that in the students they teach.

Mission, Vision And Values

Mountain View Christian Academy is a Christian educational institution that anchors its purpose to the authority of God’s Word.

Our vision is to lead students to a deep, profound relationship with Christ.

We are committed to our calling to humbly rely on God to lead us as we demonstrate to students how to work diligently, give our best to God, and surrender our lives to His Kingdom work.

We will also provide a safe, loving, and encouraging environment for our students while fostering excellence in academics, trades, and mission work.

Students sitting on a log outside in a wooded area by a camp fire

We are committed to providing a Bible-based learning environment with high standards in academics as well as practical life skill applications.

Our aim is to exemplify and teach:

  1. Spiritual discernment and the value of a personal walk with Jesus Christ.
  2. Critical thinking for seeking the path of righteousness.
  3. The identification and development of unique gifts.
  4. Awareness and stewardship of creation.
  5. Servant leadership in the community.
  6. Communication skills and development.
  7. An enthusiastic approach to lifelong learning for all vocations.

Draw For Employees

We pride ourselves on our small class sizes that allow us to work closely with each student and tailor our teaching to each student’s unique way of learning. We offer a collaborative work environment of a close-knit teaching staff who desire to disciple their students in their personal walk with Christ. Our school is like a family. We work together to meet each other’s needs. Our students are encouraged to look past themselves and to see how they can help their classmates. MVCA is a place to cultivate your relationship with Christ and with others.

Kids walking down a school hallway

Why You’ll Love It Here

We strive to be a support to Christian parents (Galatians 6:10) in their task of nurturing and training their children in God’s ways (Ephesians 6:4).

We also support non-Christian families who are supportive of our vision and mission and who desire that their children come under Christ’s educational model. We long to come alongside the parents and caregivers of our students in the raising up of students to follow in Christ’s footsteps and be His embodiment here on Earth.

Community & School Culture

Our graduates have shared how their lives have been impacted by their time in our school. Our current students describe school life as family-like, welcoming & supportive, safe, energetic, friendly & understanding, funny, encouraging, kind, and Godly. The following gives testimony to God’s goodness.

testimonials from the School Community

“Mountain View is a great community that inspires their students to make a difference in the world. MVCA is where my dream of doing missions was nourished and grew into a ministry in Uganda. I founded Brilliance Global while in high school at MVCA and that community carried me through the early years of ministry.”

– Sydney Pauls

“I attended Mountain View Christian Academy for almost 13 years of my education. I witnessed the power of prayer and God working through this school in times of need. Each teacher I had played a part of inspiring me to become a teacher myself. Teachers make sure all students feel welcomed and that they were important. The small class sizes always made sure that each student was acknowledged and got the help they needed for the best education.”

– Michaela Matthews

Life in Terrace

Terrace has a lot of natural beauty to offer, with many hiking, swimming, fishing and skiing opportunities that we often partake in as a school. You’ll find a slower pace of life, a close-knit community and the ability to complete many errands on foot. Terrace offers a sports complex, library, community centres, a hospital and shopping centres.

How to Apply

You must hold or be eligible for a Certificate of Qualification or Independent School Teaching Certificate through the BC Ministry of Education’s Teacher Regulation Branch. You must also be a born-again believer and show evidence of commitment to the Christian faith and service in the local church.