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Last Updated: 6/18/2024 2:06:29 PM EST

Why teach at Meadow Montessori School?

Meadow Montessori School in Maple Ridge is the result of the efforts of many dedicated parents and teachers with a shared interest in child-centered learning. We are an established school with a lengthy history stretching back to 1985 when we operated a preschool and kindergarten. Today, the Meadow Montessori School offers an exceptional elementary (K-7) and preschool experience, succeeding in part due to the willingness of parents to become involved in the operation of the school and the dedication of the staff and its leadership.

Meadow Montessori School classroom

Mission, vision and values

The mission of Meadow Montessori School is to create and sustain a caring, respectful and safe educational environment to enable each child to realize his or her richest potential for social, ethical and intellectual growth and to become an independent, self-motivated and contributing member of the world community.

Meadow Montessori School classroom

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a well-rounded curriculum adhering to rigorous standards, informed by current thinking and research on child development and learning;
  • Fostering a love of learning;
  • Embracing a diverse student body in which students experience and learn to respect ethnic, cultural, economic and other differences and to seek and identify common ground;
  • Recognizing that personal growth involves responsibility toward others and toward the earth; and
  • Facilitating the involvement of parents, teachers, students and the larger community.
Meadow Montessori School classroom

Our Educational Philosophy

We begin with a deep respect for children as unique individuals. We are concerned about the development of the whole child—social and emotional, intellectual, and physical. The underlying purpose of Meadow Montessori education is to aid the child in independence and self-formation by creating an environment that can unlock the inherent potentials and intelligence within each child.

The events of our modern-day world demonstrate that no matter where we live, our fates are interconnected. Our interactions across our entire community are characterized by guiding principles of respect, justice, humanity, equity, peace, and personal responsibility. We feel this approach fosters peace, hope, and opportunity, while cultivating tolerance and understanding. We model and teach these values to provide generations of young people with an excellent foundation for leadership and global citizenship, promoting a future generation with the tools to make our world a better place.

We oppose discrimination and consciously recognize the value of diversity throughout our hiring practices, admission process, classroom composition, professional development, and community activities. We believe that a complete and future forward educational experience requires an inclusive and diverse community.

Draw for Employees

We want you to bring your story to our table and we honour each other as life-long learners who are continuously learning and growing as our students are. You’ll be supported to share your experience and skills and we support personal and professional development to become the best we can be.

A life-long love of learning, flexibility and a sense of humour are essential. We are looking for a team player who is looking to work in a unique small school environment and embraces both the benefits and challenges that come with being involved in a small and much-loved independent school.

WHY YOU’ll Love it here

We offer the opportunity to work with committed colleagues, along with an innovative curriculum and an inviting, warm, flexible, supportive and family-like community to work in.

There are many benefits to working at Meadow Montessori. We foster a working environment infused with respect, caring and happiness and lead with both our hearts and our minds in all aspects of our school. We strive to bring out the best in each other and support each other as a close-knit team. We embrace self-care and support each other’s wellness, both mentally & physically. We nurture close relationships with our students and families, and through our multi-age classes, we are able to truly connect with each student over several years, which is very satisfying. We know we make a difference every single day.

Community & School Culture

Our school is located in the quiet, historical hamlet of Hammond. Port Hammond is rich with history and has an abundance of character – you’ll find quiet streets, lots of parks and trees, and even a picket fence or two.

School community

We are more than a Montessori school. We embrace the Montessorian philosophy and bring the world-class BC curriculum to our students in innovative ways. We provide multi-disciplinary real-world learning and include arts and math wherever and whenever we can. We will follow a student’s interests to find their passions and build a foundation of a lifelong love of learning and inquiry.

We embrace: individualized learning, differentiated learning, early childhood learning, children with exceptionalities, SEL, mindfulness, education for life, 21st-century aptitudes, education for the whole child, fine arts, building relationships, project-based learning, genius hour, follow the child, values & ethics, building empathy, citizenship, global awareness, environmental consciousness, First Peoples Principles of Learning, and the enriched BC curriculum.

Our community

For nature lovers, Maple Ridge is a perfect destination because it provides quick access to the panoramic vista of mountains, rivers and forests. If you want to take part in outdoor activities like fishing or hiking, Maple Ridge offers a wide range of options for you. From hiking and kayaking to attending cultural events, farmer’s and artisan markets, there is not much you CANNOT do in Maple Ridge. The city offers plenty of open space and a lower cost of living than other municipalities.

Maple Ridge is close enough to the city of Vancouver to enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer (and it’s accessible by the West Coast Express). Not only do you enjoy the best of both worlds, but the best of all worlds because Maple Ridge provides a great mixture of modern comforts, conveniences and heritage that is great for growing families and singles alike.

Salary & Benefits

Being a part of a small non-profit school is incredibly rewarding. Our parents truly appreciate the work we do and so do our students. It is an experience every educator should have on their resume!

Staff Compensation

Salaries range between $45,000 and $65,000. Our extended employee medical plan includes massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, global health insurance, and many other coveted and rare benefits.

Of course, there are also very important core benefits such as prescription coverage, dental coverage, critical illness insurance and life insurance.


Other perks

We provide four planned professional development days over the course of the year, plus one paid week, both before and after the year, for preparation and collaboration.

Our kitchen is fully stocked with healthy snacks and other needs, and we often get lunch brought in for meetings. We try our best to “spoil” our staff! You will have a budget for all of your classroom needs, and we are open to your ideas and wishes. We want your opinion! Other benefits to working at Meadow Montessori include a working environment infused with respect, caring and happiness. We lead with both our hearts and our minds in all aspects of our school.