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School Overview

Maranatha Christian School (MCS) is a private co-educational, college preparatory, evangelical Christian school. The school’s purpose is to support parents by providing quality education integrated with a Christian view of God and His world and to equip young people to serve the Lord effectively in their community.

Why teach at Maranatha Christian School?

We recognize that each child is “created in the image of God” and as such are valuable, priceless treasures that have been entrusted to our care. Each has been “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and it is the duty of all persons involved in a child’s life to fully grasp the implications of this scripture. Each child has been created as an individual with unique talents, strengths, and gifts.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We envision students who lead Christ-centered lives will impact and influence our changing global community and demonstrate that Christianity is still relevant, and needed in today’s world.

Maranatha school partners with its families and the Christian community of Williams Lake to recognize the uniqueness of every child as we provide an education that seeks to develop academic excellence, servant-based leadership, and a desire to see their faith lived daily in a fulfilling way through providing innovation and supports within the classroom, opportunities to serve others, and the training to connect their faith to the world.

Our Unique Programs

We provide a complete K-12 experience that covers academic and trades tracks. We partner with the local school district and the distance education communities to provide courses and experiences relevant to these tracks. We have a well developed special education department that provides a variety of services and supports to help students reach their potential regardless of their struggle.

The Community

Our parents are supportive of the school. It is also a place where teachers can be challenged with new experiences and opportunities they wouldn’t receive in a bigger school.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Williams Lake is a laid back community with a population of 18,000 in central BC. It is a city that’s not too large while at the same time, does not feel like a small town. The cost of living is reasonable in Williams Lake.

While we have a growing commercial sector, Williams Lake’s economy is heavily dependent on the forestry and mining sectors. There are three independent schools which get along well and try to present to the community a unified, viable education option for parents.

Outdoor recreational opportunities and activities

The countryside is beautiful, and there are ample opportunities to discover and explore the hidden gems throughout the region. The weather is some of the best you will find in the interior of BC. We are relatively close to the North’s two urban centres (Prince George and Kamloops), and it is a 6-hour drive to Vancouver.

If you like the outdoors, you can enjoy hiking, quadding, sledding, mountain biking, camping, fishing and hunting. We have an updated recreation complex and various recreational sports leagues. There is a thriving arts community and opportunities to explore and engage in music, theatre, and visual arts. We also have a number of rodeos each year!

There is no shortage of amenities in Williams Lake

We have a sports complex, art galleries, museums, proximity to hospitals, bowling, archery, a racetrack, horseback riding, Child Development Centre, Community Living Supports. A variety of churches and active Salvation Army programs and supports are also present.

Draw for Employees

As a small school, our teachers have to be flexible. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, economic situations and they present in a variety of ways that give teachers a healthy perspective on what learning and education are all about. Teachers have opportunities to specialize or find their niche in the school, and they are encouraged to grow.

Our school is a great place to mature and grow as a teacher—one where teachers are supported in their journey for excellence and where we try always to encourage and care for each other. It is a collaborative environment that tries to recognize that there are different ways each teacher approaches the classroom, curriculum, and students and that in working together, is where we see our community thrive.


Salary and Benefits

Maranatha Christian School’s teacher’s salary ranges from $42,000 to $64,000 annually. We have extended medical, options for life insurance, and group RRSP benefit package.

Why you’ll love it here

Walk our halls, and you’ll find that students and staff are consistently engaged in the learning process and are supported regardless of where they are at or what their struggles may be. We also train and support our staff to help nurture growth and engagement with our students, school, and community.

We support your professional and personal growth

Two paid days per year for personal, professional growth opportunities, four curriculum development days, and five professional development days. We also provide various opportunities for training and certification.

Other perks

Bankable sick days, two personal days per year, moving allowance, and free gourmet coffee ?.

Application Requirements

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online with a resume, Statement of Faith, Pastoral Reference, and Testimony of Faith.