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Overview: Teaching Abroad at MLES

Maple Leaf Education Systems (MLES) opened its first school in Dalian, China, in 1995 with 14 students. This school represented the vision of Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, to operate a high-quality, externally accredited, international private school in China. The educational system Dr. Jen introduced was a blend of the educational model he had witnessed while living in British Columbia, Canada, with the strengths and cultural richness that exists in the Chinese educational system.

Today MLES operates 114 schools from preschool to high school in more than 25 cities throughout China and three in Canada, one in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore serving over 46,000 students.

Our Philosophy

The Maple Leaf Educational Philosophy assumes that every child has a strong desire to learn and develop an understanding of the world, share their knowledge, and communicate their understanding, thoughts, and feelings through wide-ranging personal expression.

MLES schools provide an international education that emphasizes academic excellence within a supportive community that respects and promotes cultural norms and traditions for both Chinese and international students.

At MLES we work to develop top students and provide opportunities that prepare them for their future academic endeavours.

Draw for Employees

Applying at Maple Leaf is a good career decision that is supported by professional development, graduate degree cohorts with the University of Alberta and Arizona State University, and growth opportunities in administration and operations.

In addition to graduate degree cohorts from our partnerships with the University of Alberta and Arizona State University, we offer free tuition to students whose parents are employed at MLES.

We also have long paid holidays during the winter and summer breaks where teachers quite often travel and visit the beautiful cities throughout China.

Salary and Benefits

MLES offers a generous and well-rounded compensation package

  • Annual salaries range from $53,000 to $71,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD)
  • Fully paid holidays, ≈ 200 working days each year
  • Free medical insurance with MSH China for Teacher, Spouse, and Children
  • Round-trip flight reimbursement for teachers and their families
  • Free tuition staff’s children
  • Sponsored Z-Visa
  • Opportunity to transfer to different cities within MLES educational community
  • Promising professional development path

Community Culture

Maple Leaf is also a multicultural environment where teachers share knowledge from various disciplines and collaborate to enhance the learning environment. Our school community is especially supportive of new teachers working abroad for the first time.

School Community

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) promotes a collaborative culture that is student-centered for optimal decision-making and student achievement. We believe in hard work, dedication, and a commitment to lifelong learning for our staff, teachers, and administration.

With an entrepreneurial infrastructure, MLES welcomes creativity in the classrooms, including the various corporate departments.

Living in Dalian, China

Located on the Southern tip of Liaoning Province, the modern port city of Dalian is home to a large contingent of ex-pats.

Dalian High School is located in a 5-star National Tourism Resort where you’ll feel welcomed by the locals. Our campus is just a few minutes from the beach and sunshine, which can be enjoyed year-round.

Learn more about Dalian’s attractions.

How to Apply

Teachers must possess a BC teaching certificate from the BC Teacher Regulation Branch. Learn more about this process.