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Why Teach At Little Chiefs Primary School

Our mission is to provide a happy, healthy, nurturing and safe environment that balances academically guided learning with our Secwepemc traditions, language and culture. We are guided by the following values:

  • That the Secwepemc culture, language and traditions are a priority for our students.
  • Attendance is vital to the success of our students.
  • Intergenerational learning is important for the preservation of our language.
  • Home and school must be interconnected in order to achieve success.

School community

Little Chiefs Primary School (K4 to Grade 4) is a welcoming environment for staff, students and parents. Staff work together to offer individualized educational opportunities for students, and they also meet regularly to review workplans and organize school spirit events. We had 96% student attendance in the first semester of school in the 2020-2021 academic year. Staff feel supported in their positions and over 50% of them have been with Little Chiefs Primary School for over four years.

Our programs

We have a directed literacy and numeracy curriculum, with students placed in ability-based learning groups for a dedicated 60-plus minutes of literacy and numeracy each day. Educational assistants support literacy programming. Secwepemcstin lessons take place twice a week and staff can take Secwepemcstin immersion classes.

Williams Lake First Nation

The Williams Lake First Nation (WLFN), or the T’exelcemc (people of WLFN), have belonged to the Secwepemc (or Shuswap) Nation for over 6500 years. Today, the WLFN community includes a growing population of over 800 registered members who live on reserve in Sugar Cane, in nearby Williams Lake and across the globe. One of 17 Secwepemc Nations forming Secwepemculecw, the greater stewardship land area extends from Shuswap Lake in the south, to Quesnel Lake in the north, and from Columbia-Kootenay Range in the east, to the Alexis Creek area in the west. Since time immemorial, our Kukpi7s (Chiefs) led a strong people and they do so today.

We honour our Elders and treasure our children. Our Elders have given us knowledge and wisdom that continues to guide us on a path of prosperity, while being grounded in our traditions and culture. Historically we’ve relied heavily on hunting, trading and fishing to support our community, but today we’re finding the balance as stewards of the land and contributors to the economy. Whether it’s leading by example or supporting our neighbouring First Nations, we’re here promoting the territory, for the betterment of the territory. The success that we, the people of the Williams Lake First Nation enjoy today, reflects the vision of our previous leaders and leadership groups. It is said that “a true leader possesses vision and offers brighter hope for the future.” If this is the case, then we believe WLFN’s leadership has proven to be instrumental in our success, advancement and effectiveness.

Our community

Our community is 14 kilometres from the city of Williams Lake and includes a health station, daycare and gym. Many Nation members operate home businesses. Some sell arts and crafts (leatherwork, basketry and beadwork), while others offer catering (including traditional foods such as bannock, wind-dried salmon, deer meat, canned preserves and berry desserts). There are also private entrepreneurs in the community, including ranchers, farriers, tradespeople, administrators, silviculture technicians and logging contractors.

Why You’ll Love It Here

Teachers participate in professional learning communities offered by the First Nations Education Steering Committee, and there are opportunities to participate in school exchange programs with the surrounding First Nation schools.

Salary and Benefits

We follow the salary grid of School District 27, with the salary including actual professional teaching services in the Little Chiefs Primary School; federal and provincial statutory holidays; Christmas, spring break, fall break and vacation; and approved professional development days. We offer extended benefits through our arrangement with Canada Life. A generous personnel policy includes self-care days and personal days. Registered status members are tax exempt.