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Last Updated: 7/13/2024 10:06:39 PM EST

School Overview

We are situated in the village of Kitlatla on an island off the northwest coast of British Columbia. First Nations education at Lach Klan School expects and teaches the value of true connectedness through relationships of personal respect. We recognize diversity in human nature and acknowledge different cultures, family make-ups, life choices, learning needs and learning styles. Our Elders are our most significant teachers. They keep the wisdom of our ancestors and they are role models who provide love, understanding, motivation, guidance, encouragement and wisdom. As a community of learners, we acknowledge our Elders with the respect that they have earned.

School Community

Class sizes are small and sometimes incorporate two grades in one. We have a very collegial staff and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Our students are friendly and happy and are interested in their teachers’ lives. It is easy for teachers to really get to know their students, and teachers are supported by long-term education assistants in almost every class.

Our school includes a well-appointed staff room, lots of resources for teachers, big, bright classrooms and a well-equipped computer room with access to the latest programs and support.


You can take advantage of ongoing professional development with FNESC. Recent courses have included technology for assessment, Reading Power with Adrienne Gear, Jump Math, Read Well, Powerful Writing Structures, Acadience testing, planning for the day, unit and year and many more.

Support staff participate in all of our professional development activities so they can provide support to the teachers in the classroom. We also arrange individualized coaching for teachers to focus on specific aspects of their practice and encourage participation in professional learning communities.

Community Culture

Our community

The Gitxaala (people of the saltwater) have inhabited this island for thousands of years and have a strong culture and traditions. The people on the island are friendly and welcoming, and they are proud of, and knowledgeable about, their culture. This is a safe community with little to no criminal activity, and although COVID-19 has curtailed community events this year, there are typically many feasts, get-togethers and activities held throughout the seasons.

We have a band council as well as hereditary chiefs for the four clans. Our local population of approximately 400 people is supplemented by a number of RCMP, nurses, doctors, dentists and other professionals coming to our island for short periods of time.

lifestyle and recreational opportunities

Paved roads are perfect for skateboarding and undeveloped trails through the woods are ideal for exploring. Opportunities to observe wildlife are numerous and varied. You’ll find views of the water from almost everywhere, bald eagles and ravens in flight, humpback whales and sea otters off the shore and the occasional pod of orcas as well. Wolves are rarely seen but are present, although they do not bother people.

Our community includes a band office, health centre and restaurant. There are a number of privately owned corner stores for snacks, and community members also prepare food for sale. Seafood is regularly available and includes halibut, Pacific salmon, clams, cockles, mussels, seaweed, abalone and herring roe. Deer meat is also a staple food item. There is a ferry to the mainland twice a week, as well as floatplane flights three times a week, two flights per day. The gym is open most evenings for pick-up basketball and there is also an outdoor court. Although there is currently no cell service, phones can be used over wifi at home and at school.

Salary and Job Application Details


Salaries are on par with those offered through School District 52 (Prince Rupert). Teachers are provided individual houses, most of which were built in 2020, and moving expenses to the island are covered up to a maximum amount.


We have high expectations for our staff and students and welcome educators with a growth mindset who are interested in equitable learning, have high standards for students and who strive to give our students the best possible education