Current Opportunities

Last Updated: 7/13/2024 10:06:39 PM EST

District Overview

School District No. 20 (Kootenay-Columbia) is committed to providing quality learning experiences to all of its students.  Our mission statement reads:  We are a responsive learning community motivated to ensure every student’s success.  As a District we believe that:

  • every person can learn;
  • learning is our core work;
  • learning is purposeful and is a shared responsibility between students, families, staff, and community;
  • learning is engaging and personalized, and therefore inspires and supports people to achieve their full potential;
  • learning occurs beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom;
  • developing compassionate, contributing members of society committed to making a difference is critical in creating a better world;
  • developing competencies, skills and attitudes is necessary for success in an every-changing world;
  • technology is a tool to support learning, explore ideas, and engage thinking; and
  • operating with fiscal responsibility while focusing on learning is our collective obligation.

Further, we are a District that values and supports innovation, thoughtful risk taking, and positive change; diversity; equity in opportunities; collaboration; integrity; relationships – between people and between people and the “place” we live, work and play; strong leadership; success, and safe, caring working and learning environments.

Draw for Employees

It’s simple – we are a friendly and fun place to work and live!  Work-life balance is an important aspect of healthy living; and we get that in School District 20!  We value the work and professionalism of all of our employees and continuously invest in them by providing leading and relevant professional development and learning opportunities.   We know you want to do your job well and we will support you in any way possible!

We also know that there is life beyond work, though, and are happy to live in a place where our employees have time to enjoy family and friends while doing the activities they love to do!  But if you get the itch to escape for a while, the West Kootenays are located half-way between Vancouver and Calgary, and about 2 ½ hours from the city of Spokane, Washington, with great airline connections to many holiday destinations.  Add to all of this affordability, safe communities and friendly people and you can see that we just might be the best-kept secret in British Columbia!

Salary and Benefits

Teachers typically receive a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • medical, dental, and extended health plans;
  • group life insurance benefits;
  • teachers’ pension;
  • extended health benefits for dependents of deceased employees;
  • accidental disability insurance;
  • salary indemnity plan benefit;
  • supplemental employment benefits on maternity leave;
  • employee and family assistance programs.


Teachers in positions with special responsibilities, e.g. department heads, teacher consultants, teacher coordinators, counsellors, psychologists, alternate school teachers, speech pathologists, may receive a financial allowance of $2,000-$4,000 annually.

Teachers working in remote and rural schools may also receive a recruitment allowance, and an annual retention allowance. Learn more about teacher salaries with the Salary Finder tool.

For specific details about each district’s compensation, salary, and benefits, please refer to Kootenay Columbia’s collective agreement.