Current Job Openings

Last Updated: 7/13/2024 10:06:39 PM EST

School Overview

Kleos Open Learning is a group 1 Independent Distance Learning School that is fully certified by the BC Ministry of Education. As a leader in personalized learning and special education, we develop quality academic programming for grades K – 12.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

When translated, Kleos means “What others hear about you.” It is a person’s story.  Many students with unique and special learning needs ​​have a story forced on them by others simply because they do not fit neatly into preconceived learning boxes – we work to allow each student to write their own story and have their voice heard. At Kleos Open Learning we believe each student is one-of-a-kind, not one of many.

Kleos Open Learning has a strong focus on supporting families and students. We have an unwavering belief in our students, leading and guiding them on their own journey through their school career. These core beliefs shape our learning community and philosophy of education.


Draw For Employees

Our focus and passion for Special Education, and seeing students thrive in a non-traditional learning environment is rewarding within itself. Our administration team, teachers, education support staff and our community and learning centre partners are passionate professionals who work as a seamless team to provide learning opportunities for each student that meet their unique needs.  You are an important part of this team and have a seat at the table.

Why you’ll love it here

At Kleos Open Learning, we want to invest in our teachers and our students in order to make our school the best it can be.  We  provide our teachers with lots of flexibility. We also offer:

  • 5 Scheduled Teacher Pro-D’s per year. We support teachers wishing to grow their portfolio and further their journey in education.
  • Extended Health Benefits available after 3 months
  • Working with a great team of like-minded individuals

The Community

We strive to foster strong relationships with all employees, since most of our employees work remotely we feel it is imperative they know they are fully supported by the admin team, and their peers.

School Community & Workplace Culture

We encourage regular communication and check in’s between teachers, admin staff, vice-principals, and principals. We offer an opportunity for teachers looking to work closely with like-minded professionals all striving towards the same goal of student success and happiness. Our school has a passion for the less traditional way of learning and wanting to be part of something bigger than just educating.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Wherever our employees choose, Kleos Open Learning opens the doors for lots of opportunities. As long as there is Wi-Fi, and you are available during regular school hours (8-4 PST mostly), you can go anywhere! With Kleos Open Learning and in BC, the possibilities are endless – there are boundless activities from outdoor adventures, festivals and vibrant art scenes.

Salary & Application Information

Salary and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with caseload.

Application requirements

Teaching applicants must possess a valid BC Teaching Certificate, Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a commitment to educational programming for children. Candidates should also have a strong knowledge of BC’s new curriculum and strong tech capabilities.