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Last Updated: 6/19/2024 6:03:59 AM EST

School Overview

Why teach at Khalsa Schools of BC?

Khalsa Schools of BC aims to provide an excellent quality of education for all of its students. We are a Sikh faith-based independent school, and highly value the education a diverse staff can offer to our students. We believe that all students should have access to superior education, regardless of their means or socio-economic background.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our students graduate with the skills to succeed in their post-secondary aspirations. More importantly, we aim to provide a strong academic and spiritual education in the hopes of inspiring engaged and active citizens of the global community.

Khalsa Schools is comprised of four campuses

  1. Khalsa School Newton (K – 7),
  2. Khalsa School Old Yale Road Elementary (K – 7),
  3. Khalsa School of the Fraser Valley (K – 8) and
  4. Khalsa Secondary School (8 – 12).

Our academic program follows the new Ministry of BC curriculum. Because we receive Ministry funding, students can access SEA support. At the secondary level, teachers’ assistants are also available in classrooms to provide additional support.

The Community

We are a part of the Sikh community in Surrey, Aldergrove, and Abbotsford, BC. Many of our Khalsa School Newton campus students walk to school and live in the community around the school. That is why our schools focus on building tight communities since our students are residents of the local neighbourhoods.

School Community

The Khalsa Schools community is a supportive and encouraging environment. This environment helps teachers and staff provide the best education to our students. Our administrators are hands-on in their support of teachers, and they are always happy to assist when needed.

At each school campus, there is a Principal, administrative and support team on site.

Parents, administrators, students and teachers are highly invested in creating a strong and safe community in the school. All of our campuses are closed campuses, which means students cannot leave during the school day or meet with outside students, adults, etc. during any school time. This is even the case for Secondary School students.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Our Khalsa School Fraser Valley campus offers a lower cost of living around the Aldergrove and Abbotsford area. Our Khalsa Secondary School and Khalsa School Old Yale Road Elementary School are within walking distance within the Scott Road Skytrain station. The campuses are situated close to Patullo Bridge, so teachers living in New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver and surrounding areas will find it manageable to commute to our campuses.

Khalsa School Newton is a part of a bustling, growing community where many developments were completed in the past 10 years. Many young families live in the area.

Draw for Employees

We offer each teacher their own classroom with a choice of teaching in your area of comfort and expertise.

Khalsa Schools’ school administrators are always available to support our teachers. We provide one-to-one mentoring for all new teachers so that they feel supported in the classroom.

Why you’ll love it here

Khalsa Schools are community-oriented where parents, teachers, and students work together to ensure student success. Success is specific to a student’s established goals, and we believe that family support and community engagement are keys to this success.

We believe that it really does “take a village,” and we are proud to be able to provide this support to our students!

Salary and Benefits

For BC-certified teachers, employees at Khalsa Schools of BC can expect to earn between $48,000 to $50,000 annually, depending on experience and education. Khalsa teachers also received matched RRSP contributions.

Other Perks

Pro-D day opportunities are reimbursed and delivered in-house. Teachers have the opportunity to guide and provide input into the topic areas for in-house speakers.

The best perk of working at Khalsa Schools is having your own classroom in your first year of teaching. If you apply early enough, you have the opportunity to choose which grade-level and subjects to teach.