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Overview: Teaching Abroad at HUBS

Teach, travel and explore Qatar, a small and ultramodern Arab country located along the shoreline beaches and dunes of the Arabian Gulf. Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is where Hayat Universal School (HUBS) operates a British Columbia Certified Offshore School where BC-certified teachers are needed to teach the BC curriculum.

Hayat Universal School (HUBS) Qatar is a CIS accredited, British Columbia Certified Offshore School. As a certified offshore school, HUBS is inspected annually by the Ministry of Education to ensure compliance with conditions set forth by the BC Global Education Program.

The school’s reputation and remarkable success are attributed to its bilingual (Arabic/English) program, world-class BC program, and the quality and dedication of the school team of teachers and administrators who make these programs a success.


Hayat Universal School started in 2009-2010 with K/Gr. 1 – Gr. 3, and has added a grade every year while students moved up to higher grades. The school started to offer Grade 12 in 2018-2019. The purpose of this approach is to make the lower grades the main point of entry to the school and to keep transfers in the higher primary and intermediate grades to the minimum.

The school has grown from 190 students in its first year to 1,036 — 865 of which are enrolled in the BC Program. The remaining students are registered in our Early Childhood Program.

HUBS Qatar is the culmination of the vision and experience of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khulaifi, a renowned psychologist and educator in the Middle East.

School Community


Students are predominantly Qataris and ESL learners. The school’s Early Childhood Grades (PreKG and KG1) prepare students for the BC Program. English is the primary language of instruction in these grades. Their curriculum dovetails with the BC curriculum.

Qatari families are attracted to the school’s mission to provide high-quality international education while nurturing the cultural identity of students.


HUBS Qatar offers two unique educational programs—a bilingual/bicultural Arab Program that implements the Qatari National Curriculum, and our main program, the BC Curriculum Program to which the majority of the instructional time is dedicated to.

Students at HUBS Qatar work towards completing the requirements to obtain a BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma).

Draw for Employees

HUBS offers competitive tax-free salaries, fully subsidized housing, tickets, transportation, health insurance and family packages. The location of HUBS makes it easy to travel to many destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Join our international team of educators

HUBS Qatar’s school team is comprised of a diverse group of educational professionals from around the world. In the year (2021-2022), the school team of educators includes 57 administrators; classroom, support and ESL teachers. 45 are licensed educators, 23 Canadians, 7 Americans, 2 Australians, 4 South Africans, 3 British, 1 Jamaican, 1 Filipino, 1 Tunisian, 1 Syrian and 2 Indians. The remaining 12 qualified teachers are from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lankan, Tunisia and Romania. There are also 24 Arab teachers who deliver the Arabic Program. The school is supported by a team of teacher assistants. Each PreKG – Grade 2 class is assigned a teaching assistant. TA time is provided to the higher elementary grades on part time basis.

Watch our videos on YouTube to see what it is like to work at HUBS and live in Qatar!

About Doha, Qatar

There are places that have special walking tracks where people can walk, run or ride their bicycles. There is a running club that meets every Friday morning at 5:30. Cycling is steadily gaining traction in Qatar. Many different cycling groups coordinate rides in and around Doha for people of all ages and nationalities.

Doha is a sports hub. The city hosts many international and regional events, including the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup, the first international women’s handball championship, as well as tennis, squash, and Golf for participation or audience.

If you are interested in watersports, there are several local operators that offer sailing lessons, kayak excursions, diving lessons and kit surfing. Quads can also be rented to explore the desert and beach areas.

If you would like to try rock climbing as a social sport, you could join the members of Doha Climbers, many of whom are advanced climbers, but beginners are welcome to join.

Teach, travel and explore Asia, Europe & Africa

For travellers, Doha is a great home-base. Doha’s proximity to many regions makes it possible to travel to Asia, Europe, and Africa more affordably.

About Qatar’s Culture

Qatar is a stable and wealthy country. The government has a vision for this small country that makes citizens proud. Doha, the capital, is the only city in the country. It is an upscale expatriate-friendly city that is centrally located, which makes for convenient travel to neighbouring destinations.

Qatar has taken major strides in developing education with many major international universities opening branches here. The country hosts a wealth of international and regional sports and cultural events, such as the 2022 World Cup.

Check out these links to learn more about Qatar:

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Salary and Application Details

Salary and Benefits

Starting at $43,000 CAD for a teacher with 2-years’ experience, salaries can reach up to $58,000 CAD annually; depending on your qualifications. Salaries are tax-free and paid monthly in the local currency, the Qatari Riyal. At the end of your service, you may receive a bonus of 70% of one month’s gross salary for every year of service.

Other benefits include:

  • furnished, air-conditioned housing
  • transportation to and from the school
  • utilities paid for except telephone and Internet bills
  • economy airfare at the beginning and end of the contract
  • annual economy round-trip airfare to point of origin at the time of summer vacation
  • private medical insurance
  • the school bears the fee for obtaining a Qatari visa, work permit, and identification
  • professional development

If you are looking to travel and an opportunity to work at a BC-certified offshore school with a strong and supportive administrative and teaching team, consider HUBS Qatar.

How to Apply

Apply to teach at HUBS by emailing Mai Kamel at attaching the following documents:

  • Resume,
  • Cover letter,
  • Copies of credentials including valid teacher certification,
  • Practicum evaluations and/or reference letters,
  • Information about spouse/children who would move with the teacher including citizenship and age and gender of children, grades they would be going to.