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Last Updated: 5/28/2024 10:13:47 PM EST
Greater Victoria SD 61 science teacher and student

District Overview

We believe that:

  • All individuals have the capacity to learn and the power to positively influence the future.
  • High expectations are appropriate for all students, and all individuals must be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Access to educational opportunity should be equitable.
  • Safe, healthy, clean environments enhance working and learning.
  • Learning is a personal, lifelong experience.
  • Student involvement is vital to the successful operation of the district.
  • Schools, parents and the community are partners in education.

Specialty Programs

Schools are small to moderate in size and teachers benefit from strong family and community connections. Programs of choice include French immersion (both early and late immersion); a Challenge program; athletic academies in baseball, soccer, hockey and curling; and a variety of career preparation programs.

Draw for Employees

Located on the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Greater Victoria enjoys the finest climate and lifestyle in Canada. Recreational opportunities abound, from year-round sailing, golfing, hiking, fishing and outdoor team sports to top-quality mountain skiing only a few hours’ drive away.

Community Culture

Victoria is known for its vibrant arts community, great museums and galleries, and friendly neighbourhoods set amidst a backdrop of magnificent natural scenery and beauty. With the mildest climate in Canada, Victoria is ideal for those who love to garden and enjoy the outdoors.

Greater Victoria parliament building

Regional Diversity

Approximately 330,000 people live in the Greater Victoria area, and the population is expected to continue growing. This is a diverse multicultural community where residents are able to enjoy the many facilities and energy associated with living in a provincial capital city and university town.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers typically receive a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • medical, dental, and extended health plans;
  • group life insurance benefits;
  • teachers’ pension;
  • extended health benefits for dependents of deceased employees;
  • accidental disability insurance;
  • salary indemnity plan benefit;
  • supplemental employment benefits on maternity leave;
  • employee and family assistance programs.


Teachers in positions with special responsibilities, e.g. department heads, teacher consultants, teacher coordinators, counsellors, psychologists, alternate school teachers, speech pathologists, may receive a financial allowance of $2,000-$4,000 annually.

Teachers working in remote and rural schools may also receive a recruitment allowance and an annual retention allowance. Learn more about teacher salaries with the Salary Finder tool.

For specific details about Greater Victoria’s compensation, salary, and benefits, please refer to their collective agreement on the BCPSEA website.