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Why Teach at Greater Heights Learning Academy?

The Greater Heights Learning Academy is a new and innovative special educational institute for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Children learn through Mediated Learning Experience and “brain-based” teaching.

Our school welcomes all children, including those with widely varying challenges. We offer complete amenities such as a science lab, a home economics room, a library, gymnasiums, classrooms with computers, Smartboards and multimedia stations.

Draw for Employees

Our school is a unique learning environment. Our class sizes are small with 10-12 students. In the classroom, students and teachers receive a significant amount of support from Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Counsellors.

Our teachers also receive eight professional development days, specialized ERASE (Expect Respect & a Safe Education) training, and NVCI Training, which is implemented across the school.

Community & School Culture

School Community

We celebrate a school that is a family atmosphere. In our school community, you can expect:

  • Small classes of 10- 12 students
  • In-class support is offered through SEA staff in class offering individual, shared or group support
  • Collaborative team approach among staff
  • Large staff to student ratio
  • In-school theatre acts and workshops as well as field trips
  • Interactive fun events such as Santa pyjama breakfast, Science Fair, talent show, winter concerts etc. Lunch hour clubs
  • No after school extracurricular activities as our students arrive from 13 different municipalities

Lifestyle and recreational opportunities in Coquitlam, BC

Our school is located in the City of Coquitlam at the foot of SFU. It is easily accessible via the SkyTrain and local bus routes.

The City of Coquitlam is close to nature – both mountains and the ocean with many opportunities for outdoor activities. Large shopping centres and urban activities also add to the community, as well as numerous recreation centres. What’s more, is that Coquitlam is only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver.

Our Unique Program

We have a team-based approach to educating the whole child.


Each child is an individual, there are many good programs, but you need to fit the program to the child at any given time of the child’s development. Not every good program is good for every child. We base our teaching, our goals, and the choice of programs on what we know works, constantly evaluating, always open to new learning, and to what Piaget referred to as ‘accommodation’, that is we enlarge and rearrange our understandings with new knowledge. Each student has an IEP.


We are about ‘Mediated Learning Experience’ (M.L.E.). It is not a program but a way of delivering the program, any program! It is a basic attitude and philosophy about how children learn which entails a certain way in which you interact with the child in any situation, including in a teaching/learning situation. The goals of M.L.E. are to develop independent learners and to produce changes in the very ability of the child to learn and to function socially. Programs used are Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment and Bright Start.


We have our own large staff of fully trained and certified professional therapists. We employ 4 Occupational therapists, 4 Speech-Language Pathologists, 1 Physical Therapist, 1 Vision Resource Teacher, 1 Retried R. Psychologist counsellor, 1 Clinical psychologist counsellor, and 1 Educational Psychologist.

These specialists are not contracted out and are employees of the school. This enables us to have a fully integrative and collaborative approach to the child and their needs.

Our school also offers both adapted and modified curriculum: Dogwood and Evergreen Graduation.

Salary and Benefits

Our competitive 10-step salary scale (with both Bachelors and Masters Levels) starts at $45,000 to $79,000 annually. We also offer an excellent pension plan, health benefits, eight professional days, and free in-house training/certification in areas such as non-violent crisis intervention.

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