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School Overview

G.A.D. Elementary School opened its doors nearly ten years ago. The school is based on Sikh values and provides a well-rounded educational experience for students from the South Asian community while connecting them to the mainstream multicultural community.

Why Teach at G.A.D Elementary School?

The mission of our school is to partner students, teachers, and parents together to create a safe and respectful learning environment in which students can successfully achieve the goals of today and face the challenges of tomorrow. Through our education system, we hope to create an environment that provides a positive mindset for students and sets them up to be lifelong learners. Some Sikh values that we promote in our school community are tolerance, truth, respect, and compassion.


Our mission is to constantly foster character building, nurture scientific temperament, and strengthen the social bonds of our students. We pursue these goals by emphasizing the importance of academic work, revision, homework, additional preparation as well as addressing and engaging in the cultural aspect of life in our province. This ensures a balanced development of the personality of each student as they develop and evolve into young adults.

We guide students to help them adjust to a tough, changing world; socially and emotionally. We help our students master the expanding horizons of technology and to become representatives of the Punjabi ethos and culture.

Draw for Employees

The school values the suggestions and ideas of the teachers; recognizing their accomplishments as well as listening to and supporting them in improving the learning environment in the school. Internal and external professional development opportunities are offered regularly because we strongly encourage the development and implementation of new ideas. Staff are encouraged to engage in the school community without sacrificing their personal time.

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The school has a positive workplace culture and offers ample professional growth opportunities. The school pursues an open-door policy. Communication, suggestions and ideas are valued; the members of the school community are respected and honoured so that everyone responds by engaging and supporting the learning environment.

Community & School Culture


At G.A.D. Elementary School, we lead by example. The leadership and community building skills we want to develop in our students are constantly displayed by our staff. Staff members are encouraged to continue collaboration efforts in order to create the most welcoming and conducive learning environment for our students. New and interesting professional development opportunities are offered to ensure that our teachers are up-to-date with teaching strategies, techniques and methodologies; our pedagogy is constantly evolving. The school’s inclusive environment is due to teachers working together and supporting each other in strengthening their skills.

The school operates on the principles of a shared vision for the success of children, teachers, families and the community. Our community fosters strong relationships and builds partnerships. They share resources and collaborate to support learning so that our children become contributing members of the community.

We focus on the whole child and ensure that community engagement is included in our curriculum. We value the input of our parents and community members as we lead our students into a functional and diverse society.


We offer a number of different learning opportunities through our curriculum as well as extra curricular activities—broadening and developing our student’s personal and social development. We developed a robotics program where our students participate in competitions in the lower mainland and nationally. We have a school garden that we run through the AITC (Agriculture in the Classroom) every year—this is our hands-on, outdoor classroom where children can learn about growing sustainable food sources, decomposer, and etc.

We have a variety after-school clubs such as cooking club, reading club, arts club, gatka club, dilruba club, singing club, and so forth. We also offer athletics programs such as soccer, basketball and dodgeball where we compete with other schools. There are plenty of opportunities to create new and exciting ways to learn!


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Salary and Benefits

We have a very positive work environment where we respect and recognize accomplishments. We offer professional development opportunities, resources, mentorship and a collaborative approach. We offer a competitive salary with paid sick days and extended health benefits.