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Last Updated: 6/16/2024 2:03:31 PM EST

School Overview

Franklin School is an independent school located in Downtown Vancouver, BC. Our school is a gathering place for the best and brightest intellects. Our highly motivated students walk side by side with other promising young minds along the path of learning to achieve high levels of academic excellence.

Our students receive a first-rate, high-quality education focusing primarily on scholastic excellence. Our Grade 10-12 accredited program provides students with the necessary courses to obtain the esteemed BC Dogwood Diploma.


Our Mission

Franklin School’s mission is to empower highly motivated students in creating a clear pathway to opportunities in higher education at the world’s top universities. We focus on enhancing the overall individual social, emotional, physical, and academic excellence in our students while increasing their English language proficiency, which will foster wider academic achievement in their post-secondary education and lead to successful careers in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide students with a first-rate, high-quality education which is focussed primarily on academic excellence. We empower students through various educational strategies and provide them with opportunities to delve deeper into the curricula based on their individual skills, knowledge, interests, and passions. We strive to do so in a safe and healthy environment where students are supported, engaged and challenged to succeed.

Our Core Values

RESPECT:  We are respectful of our school, property, and interactions with every member of the school community. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

COACHING & SUPPORT:  We support each other in a caring and empathetic manner. We coach each other to be resilient in the face of obstacles and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

TEAMWORK:  We are a community of leaders and learners and a team committed to being first-class team players.

POSITIVE ENERGY:  We approach learning with positive energy, attentiveness, and enthusiasm. We seek opportunities for learning and never settle for mediocrity.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We do what we say; we are accountable. We act responsibly with honesty and integrity.

RECOGNITION:  We find reasons to celebrate the achievements of others and have fun while doing it.

BELIEF IN OTHERS:  We believe in empowering students, embrace positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone, and actively develop skills that are diverse in style and background.

EXCELLENCE:  We take pride in our work and have an ardent passion for excellence. We recognize that success comes only when we commit to doing our personal best every day.

Draw for Employees

Be part of something extraordinary

Are you a new teacher candidate looking to jump-start your career? If you’d like to be a part of something truly extraordinary, join Vancouver’s newest independent school at the ground-floor. We’re looking for teachers with a passion for inspiring our Grades 10-12 students.

As a Franklin School teacher, you’ll be able to teach in your respective field and work collaboratively in a support team. Our teachers receive a considerable amount of preparation time and mentorship opportunities.


  • Smaller class sizes – Our average class size is between 12-16 students allowing more personalized attention and higher academic achievement.
  • Exceptional educators – Be a part of a highly skilled, professional, and award-winning faculty
  • Academic Excellence – Our students will be surrounded by the best and brightest intellects.
  • Activities & Events – Students are immersed in Canadian Culture through monthly field trips; students led activities and events.

Community & School Culture


At Franklin School, our team of exceptional educators guides, encourages and assists students in developing the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and intrinsic habits of mind required to take pleasure from a productive and satisfying life. We respect the integrity of the learner and nurture in students a disposition toward lifelong learning beyond the classroom.

We are committed to attending to the developmental needs of each young person and assist them in understanding themselves and the global community. Our team of highly trained professionals encourages students to think critically, care deeply, act wisely, and fulfill their individual academic potential, so students will be ready to meet the future as educated global citizens and the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow.


Franklin School will offer the BC Certificate of Graduation or “Dogwood Diploma” to students who complete the provincial graduation requirements for Grades 10 – 12. Students are required to complete a minimum of 80 credits to graduate, as per provincial graduation requirements. We hope to offer a variety of Advanced Placement courses and eventually intend to apply for the AP® Capstone Diploma Program through the AP® Central – College Board.

Living in Vancouver

Vancouver is a coastal city surrounded by majestic mountains, ocean views, and one of the world’s most pristine temperate rainforests. Vancouver is a multicultural city where diversity is respected and celebrated. We rank as one of the most livable cities in the world because of its religious tolerance, social stability, cleanliness, fresh air, clean water, and overall high-quality of life.

Its climate is one of the mildest by Canadian standards, with winters that scarcely snows and cool summer with temperatures that rarely exceed 30℃.


The blend of natural and urban landscapes and the mix of recreational opportunities makes living in Vancouver special. Vancouver’s downtown is located on a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. The city’s urban space is condensed within a small area, characterized by a fantastic skyline. Within downtown, there is easy access to the Vancouver Seawall and many beaches, which are only a short walk away.

Bordering the downtown core is Stanley Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, offering more than 1,000 acres of park encircled by the sea wall. English Bay to the south of downtown offers a collection of sandy beaches (English Bay Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach and Sunset Beach) when you need a break from the city.

A hub for outdoor adventure year-round, Vancouver is the perfect place for active living where residents can take full advantage of everything the great outdoors has to offer. Hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and even camping—you can do it all in Vancouver.


Home to Winter Olympics in 2010 and more recently the host of the World Rugby Sevens, Vancouver has a reputation for being a sports city. With the Canucks, BC Lions and Whitecaps there’s always an opportunity to cheer for the home team.

In arts and culture, the city is home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Opera, Ballet BC, and a vibrant arts scene with many festivals, exhibitions, and events held throughout the year.

The city has museums, art galleries, music and cultural festivals, an array of shopping options, farmers’ and public markets, an eclectic nightlife, and an assortment of pubs, cafes and restaurants offering the latest gastronomical delights from every part of the world to suit every taste.

The city’s coastline offers amazing views and great beaches, while the mountains offer hiking trails and snow sports. Living in ‘Beautiful British Columbia,’ world-renowned for its natural beauty, is ideal if you have an appreciation for the outdoors.

Application Requirements

Interested applicants are invited to submit an application package with these documents.

Required Documents

  1. A cover letter stating which position you are applying (subject area). Please include the posting’s competition number, interview date availability; your main assets, strengths and talents.
  2. A resume with your name, address, phone number, e-mail, education degrees/diplomas, certificates, work history, academic awards, publications, and professional references.
  3. A copy of your BC Teachers’ or Independent School Certificate, most recent transcripts, final practicum report, and a statement of your educational philosophy.

How to apply

If you are currently a teacher candidate and do not yet have your certificate, please include your teacher education program end date. Please note that courses at the 300/400 level equal to 18 credits relevant to the prescribed curriculum and a teaching methodology course in the subject area are considered necessary qualifications for the position.

Please email the items listed above in one (1) PDF attachment to Jack Trovato, Principal, at  Please note that we will only accept applications by email. If you need further information or have any questions, contact Jack Trovato at (604) 876-8812.