Current Job Openings

Last Updated: 4/20/2024 6:09:14 AM EST

School Overview

Fawkes Academy provides high-quality, individualized instruction and educational programs to children and youth diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and other complex developmental disorders or delays.

Why Teach at Fawkes Academy DL?

Starting in 2011 in Richmond, BC, with 10 students in a small one-classroom space, we now offer in-home and community-based distributed learning programs across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, and a bricks and mortar school program in Burnaby. We are looking to expand to another location in Surrey, Langley or Delta.

Fawkes was born out of early intervention programs that use the verbal behaviour approach of applied behavioural analysis with a focus on developing functional communication and language. Once strong language and communication skills are established, the school emphasizes literacy development and the acquisition of academic skills. Our certified teachers, behaviour consultants, counsellor, consultative speech-language pathologists, psychologists and staff collaborate with other educators and health professionals. The school is young and small, and we are open to listening to ideas for improving our teaching model.



Specially trained professionals work as a team to deliver highly structured applied behavioural analysis and educational programs that have been scientifically demonstrated to be effective in teaching a broad range of skills to students.

Our values are encompassed in our belief that every child is unique, every child is valued and every child can learn.

Our vision is that every student achieves to their unique full potential and can lead fulfilling and productive lives with as much independence as possible.

Draw for Employees

Fawkes is a special school, embracing the diversity of students, families and staff. All ideas are heard with an open mind and, when possible, ideas from the bottom-up are embraced.


Be a part of a collaborative team

You’ll be part of a friendly team that engages collaboratively in decision making. Everyone is encouraged to share their voice, develop their friendships with other professionals in the field and gain knowledge and understanding of the complex field of autism spectrum disorders.


Teachers have the opportunity to expand their teaching and leadership skills as a member of a supportive, collaborative team of professionals. We also provide support for educators wanting to pursue additional formal education. A monthly professional day is used to hone skills or introduce new knowledge.

Community & School Culture

At Fawkes Academy we believe that no one should ask you to perform a task or duty they are not willing to perform themselves. Our work environment is one that is supportive and encourages staff to ask questions. We are a learning organization and we continue to transform as new expertise and knowledge are added to our team.


Our workplace embraces diversity. We hire individuals from all cultural and religious backgrounds and we hire individuals with autism or developmental disorders or delays when the position fits their areas of strength. We strive to be a workplace where everyone collaborates and works together for a common goal.


We provide direct individual and group instruction to students, depending upon individual profiles and the specific goals of each block or class. Average class size is 10 with a teacher and a minimum of three assistants. Some programs are implemented by a behaviour interventionist or education assistant, and some curricula is taught by the teacher or behaviour consultant and supported by the behaviour interventionist or education assistant.

The highest priority for all our students is functional, effective communication and functional reading, writing, and mathematics, according to each student’s abilities. The students represent the full autism spectrum, so while some students may be receiving one-to-one intervention working on life skills and functional communication goals, others are working in groups on more academic programs.

All students who are capable participate in annual standardized testing to track their progress and demonstrate accountability to parents.


Our schools are currently located in Richmond and Burnaby, offering easy access to all areas within the Lower Mainland at a lower cost of living than in the city of Vancouver.

There are a number of restaurants, parks, and shopping malls near our locations.


This is a fantastic place to live with both the metropolitan centre of Vancouver and a wide range of outdoor activities near by.

The Lower Mainland is home to diverse multicultural communities and offers convenient access to recreation opportunities that include hiking, skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, golfing, fishing, visiting hot springs, wildlife viewing, and going to parks, beaches and wineries.

Salary and Benefits

Our non-profit structure provides for salaries that are competitive but structured to keep the school costs within the reach of families.

Compensation Details

Our salaries range from $51,215-$85,197 per year. We have been increasing our pay for teachers every year to match those offered by school districts. If our growth continues, we hope to be able to pay higher than public school salary grids in the next few years.

Fawkes Academy DL offers a benefits plan that includes medical, dental, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, critical illness insurance and travel insurance. Employees are awarded bonuses based upon performance.



As a teacher at Fawkes, you’ll have access to some of the top professionals in the autism field. You will have opportunities to learn more about autism and effective teaching strategies to support wonderful students alongside wonderful and supportive co-workers.

We offer one in-house professional development day per month, and employees are encouraged to attend our parent training workshops, explaining the basics of applied behavioural analysis (ABA) to parents and clients of ABA Learning Centre. Employees can request to participate in programs run by ABA Learning Centre, which are a fantastic learning opportunity and are paid in addition to the teaching salary. Employees may also request other workshops or schooling be paid for by Fawkes Academy, which, when appropriate, are paid for by the organization.

Application Requirements

Fawkes Academy DL is open to teachers with experience who want to start programs in other geographic regions of the province, but we are primarily looking for teachers located in the Lower Mainland. Our first Dogwood Certificate of graduation will be awarded in June 2019. To provide necessary curriculum, we require educators with a range of educational backgrounds outside of special education to effectively teach the content course materials.