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School Overview

Dasmesh Punjabi students

At Dasmesh Punjabi School, we work towards creating a learning environment that enables our students to learn and immerse in the Punjabi culture. Our students begin their Punjabi education in Kindergarten, and by Grade 10; they are fluent enough to write the Grade 12 Punjabi exam.

At Dasmesh Punjabi School, we believe that a safe and secure learning environment is important to effective learning. We focus on providing exceptional academic services and a learning environment that encourages the development of good values and a healthy lifestyle for all of our students.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Creating a safe and healthy environment for quality education and heritage preservation.

Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Service, Empathy, and Integrity.

We are a Sikh Faith-based school and work very closely with other Faith-based Private schools. Our staff, faculty and students work together to develop a lifestyle and outlook that adhere to our core values and beliefs.

Draw for Employees

Our school is committed to providing high-quality education for our students. We have a lower teacher-to-student ratio, which ensures that students get more support from teachers in learning new material.

Why You’ll Love it Here

Dasmesh Punjabi School has operated in Abbotsford for 33 years. Some of our staff have even been with us for more than 20 years. For new teachers, we can offer the opportunity to learn about the Sikh religion, the Punjabi language, and the nuances of the culture. Also, we offer:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Paid Vacation
  • Medical Benefits
  • RRSP
  • Bonuses of up to $ 2500 for extracurricular clubs
  • Up to $200 in professional development

The Board also sponsors school-based Professional Development activities during in-school Pro-D days.

Community and School Culture

Our School has been a part of the Abbotsford community for 33 years. We are a Sikh Faith-based school and work very closely with other Faith-based Private schools.

School & Workplace Culture

At Dasmesh Punjabi School, our classes are smaller, our learning environment is collaborative, and our school is well-resourced.

When you work at Dasmesh Punjabi School, you become part of our Dasmesh Family. Our school is a closed campus, thus making it a safe learning environment.

For the last decade, we have consistently been ranked among the three top schools in Abbotsford by the Fraser Institute with a graduation rate of 100%. Our students consistently win scholarships, gain early admissions to top Universities and earn other prestigious awards.

Dasmesh Punjabi School is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes talented people from all religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds to be part of our amazing workforce. We look for people who are self-motivated and determined to contribute to society by ensuring the proper learning and development of the most important citizens of our country – the students and the younger generation!

Our Unique Programs

Dasmesh Punjabi School offers a variety of unique programs for students. At our school, we work towards creating a learning environment that enables our students to learn and get immersed in the Punjabi Culture and Language.

We also offer Sikh Studies and music programs. Sikhism has a very deep-rooted and rich history, and hence it is imperative that the coming generations understand the importance, meaning and significance of Sikhism. This is exactly what motivated our founder to start this school, whereby each and every student learns about the Sikh religion and various aspects of the Punjabi Culture.

Every morning, an assembly is held where the students do “Japji Sahib Paath” (The Sikh Daily Prayer). Each student gets the opportunity to do Kirtan and Ardaas. This is followed right from the day a student starts their studies in Kindergarten, till the day they graduate in Grade 12.

  • Dasmesh Punjabi students

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Abbotsford is a sprawling rural “city in the country,” set against stunning views of BC’s Coast Mountains. Located an hour east of Vancouver, Abbotsford borders Mission to the north, Langley to the west, and Chilliwack to the east.

Activities of interest include Scenic Mill Lake, which attracts young families with its spray park and playgrounds, as well as anglers, joggers and nature lovers. This walkable neighbourhood is home to new condo developments, townhouses and older single-family homes; it’s also located conveniently close to Seven Oaks Mall and Abbotsford Regional Hospital.

Historic Downtown Abbotsford has recently been revitalized while maintaining its heritage. This thriving neighbourhood has a bustling farmer’s market, street festivals and locally-owned shops, including bakeries, delis, restaurants and more. New condo developments have recently gone up in the area to accommodate the increase in interest and commercial growth.

Application Details

Teaching applicants must possess a valid BC Teaching Certificate and must have a residency status that allows you to work in Canada.