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School Overview

Columbia College is an independent school that offers a Ministry of Education accredited senior secondary program as well as university-level courses that are fully transferable to local universities in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Why Teach at Columbia College?

Since 1936 Columbia College has offered quality educational programs designed to prepare students for university admission. These programs include a University Transfer Program that is fully integrated into the BC Transfer System, a Secondary Program that is certified by the Province of British Columbia, and a full-time Academic Preparatory English Program that is accredited by Languages Canada. Thousands of students, both Canadian and international, have progressed through Columbia’s programs to successful Canadian universities.


Columbia College’s Mission is to prepare international and Canadian students for admission to a university by providing quality academic programs in a supportive environment. The College commits to remaining responsive to the needs of international students in an ever-changing global environment with the vision of being the best College in Canada.

At Columbia College we live and embrace the following core values:

  • Community: We make our students and staff members feel welcome.
  • Integrity: We are accountable for our words and actions.
  • Quality: We provide a consistent level of quality education that delivers results.

Draw for Employees

Teachers are drawn to Columbia College for its supportive work environment, smaller class sizes, lighter teaching loads, shorter working days, and our tri-semester system. We have well-prepared international students who are supported by counsellors and academic advisors in our Student Services department.


At Columbia College, we have a collaborative, collegial and inclusive environment, where everyone supports not only the students but each other. Our open-door policy facilitates healthy dialogue and transparent communication.

Our staff are heard and respected

We have a Society as our governance structure. All employees are members of Society; their voices are heard and matter in our democratic environment. We have a diverse and multicultural student body and staff. Our staff is fully committed to giving students the best education possible.

Community & School Culture

Our aim is to develop well-rounded students in a school located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Our Academic Philosophy is:

  • To create an environment so that students and faculty can strive to create a brighter future for each other, our community, and the world.
  • To meet the student where they are today; to give them the best opportunity to flourish in the future.
  • To ensure continuous excellence through our rigorous academic programs that engage students in unique and innovative ways.
  • To support faculty and staff in teaching and continuous service excellence.
  • To embrace our College and our city’s international and diverse setting, practicing cultural awareness and inclusivity.

Our Academic Philosophy is cont’d:

  • To create an awareness of and appreciation for current, complex global challenges and promote understanding and sensitivity while engaging in partnerships with local, national, and global entities through student volunteering and mentoring opportunities.
  • To support personalized learning through seamless, flexible, and connected progression in and between our English Language Centre, our Secondary school, and our University Transfer Program, and to foster a sense of community within and between these programs.
  • To graduate students with a well-rounded skill base, including the ability to effectively communicate with others in the work world.

community culture

Residents enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Vancouver, one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Surrounding the city’s urban landscapes, Vancouver is enveloped in a natural setting of extraordinary mountains, lush forested areas, and the North Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver is one of the few places in the world where a morning can be spent on the beach with the same afternoon spent enjoying snow sports less than 30 minutes away. This is one of the reasons why Vancouver is so frequently ranked in the top 10 most desirable cities to live in the world. Public transport makes exploring and commuting to and from the College simple and safe, with frequent and well-situated bus routes, and SkyTrains running from dawn until dusk.



Columbia College is located just a couple of blocks from Science World and the beautiful False Creek area. As our College is only minutes away from downtown Vancouver, on the same day you can enjoy a walk along the seawall, a bike ride at the spectacular Stanley Park, and great food in a restaurant in Yaletown. Columbia College has a strategic location; this offers a great advantage to enjoy the lifestyle the city offers.

Salary and Benefits

Columbia College instructors are paid based on their qualifications and the number of courses they teach.

A member on the Academic Faculty Grid must have been employed by the College a minimum of one year and completed 630 hours. Gridded status is granted a faculty member upon the recommendation of their Dean or Department Head and upon approval of the Academic Board.  Faculty who are gridded are “on the grid,” and entitled to some forms of professional development assistance and a fitness allowance.

Instructors with gridded status are voting members of the Society. After completing 1260 hours and at least two years of service, the instructor is eligible to participate in the Group Insurance Program (BCMSP, Extended Health and Dental, Life Insurance, STD, LTD and Critical Illness) and the RRSP Program.  Regular status is granted upon recommendation of the Dean or Department head and approval of the Academic Board.

A High School instructor with a Bachelor of Arts degree will receive a gross salary of $9,337 per course; when a High School instructor holds a BA and PDP, the gross salary paid per course is $9,695. If the instructor has a Master’s degree, the gross remuneration per course is $10,276.