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Last Updated: 7/13/2024 2:01:03 PM EST

School Overview

Claren Academy is an independent elementary school in downtown Vancouver.

Opened in September 2017, Claren Academy was founded by parents who wanted a different education for their own children: one focused on the skills they will really need in the future. Those parents are still involved in the organizational side, but have been fortunate enough to find educators who bring the broad and ambitious goal of “Education for the Future” to life, with lessons and resources focused on creativity, technology and entrepreneurial skills.

Our goal is to educate our students for the future as it will really be when they graduate. For the 2019/2020 year, we will offer Kindergarten to Grade 4, with the model of adding a grade each year, up to Grade 12. With that regular growth, we have the constant opportunity to bring in new staff with new ideas and passions, and our educators have the chance to advance, learn, and truly shape a new school as we grow.


We teach our students to see technology as a tool, not just a toy, and to create, rather than simply consume. Our goal is to develop and change with our students, and the world in which they are growing up. To our families, we promise to provide strong academic foundations, real-world skills, and to foster a love of learning. In order for our teachers to achieve this, we guarantee small classes, the best resources and professional development, and a supportive, exciting environment in which to put ideas and enthusiasm to work!

Draw for Employees

Claren Academy offers a unique opportunity to implement creative and fresh ideas, both because we are a new school, but also because it is our mandate to innovate and enhance education, and evaluate and celebrate the success of our efforts. We seek teachers who want to make change in education, and give their students the tools to succeed and be happy in the future.


We offer a flexible, exciting environment, where you can truly see the results of your work and ideas. Our administration team and Board of Directors are supportive of innovation, and provide resources and professional development to facilitate growth and creativity. Our teachers have access to a world-class roster of advisors and mentors, and work daily with colleagues who share their passion for progressive education and ideals. We have social events as a staff and with our wider community. Our teachers are very active and get a lot of fresh air, with regular trips to the park, community centre and library, as well as learning excursions all over Vancouver on a regular basis.


We value work-life balance, and encourage our teachers to explore Vancouver, both downtown and further out in the city. Kits Beach, Stanley Park, the North Vancouver mountains, and the varied cultural offerings of east Vancouver, UBC, and other neighbourhoods are all a quick trip away from Claren Academy.


We are in close proximity to BC Place, Rogers Arena, the Robson Street shopping district, Science World, the Vancouver Aquarium, the Vancouver Art Gallery and Central Library Branch, the Roundhouse Community Centre, Stanley Park and various theatres and fitness centres. The list goes on!

Community & School Culture


Claren Academy is the only school of its kind in Vancouver both in its structure (small size, downtown, mixed ages, technology focus) but also in its mandate to be progressive, flexible and prepare our students for the future. This is an exciting, rare opportunity to see change in education.


We use a mixed age model so that our students have an individualized education plan, working at their real level of ability and potential. Our educators team-teach small groups of students, with a ratio of no more than 15 to 1 students to teachers.

We have a beautiful, bright downtown campus, but we also venture out almost every day to explore our city, make use of our neighbourhood resources, and enhance our curriculum with regular learning excursions. We also follow through on our promise to provide immersive technology education by investing in one-to-one iPads for students, and laptops for teachers to use at school.

We are always open to ideas for new apps, programs, and tools proposed by teachers in order to enhance learning at our school.


Claren Academy is located in downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown District. This places us in the middle of fantastic resources both for the school, and for our staff and families on their evenings and weekends. Examples of downtown amenities used regularly by the school include the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch, the Roundhouse Community Centre, Science World, Robson Square Skating, various playgrounds and parks, and other cultural centres. Our neighbourhood is busy, but friendly, and Claren Academy students learn how to share space, navigate transit and be proud of their city.

There are multiple commuting options to Claren Academy. We are a block from the Yaletown Skytrain station, making us easily accessible from any part of the Canada Line, as well as centrally located with bike lanes from Cambie Bridge and Pacific Boulevard. If staff choose to drive, we provide underground parking. Being in the middle of Yaletown we are surrounded by world-class restaurants, yoga studios, gyms, art galleries, theatres, and shopping districts.

Salary and Benefits

We pay above the public school grid, and have the flexibility to offer bonuses or incentives tied to ability and effort, not just seniority and degrees.

Fair compensation

Although we greatly value experience, we also value creativity and new ideas, and are willing to compensate fairly.

Our Board of Directors is business-minded, and willing to take feedback from staff regarding the incentives and opportunities that motivate and convey appreciation. Examples of individualized benefits may include moving allowance, flex days, professional training, and job responsibilities that are adapted to reflect skills and interests. We also offer a flexible and generous health benefits plan and RRSP contributions in the form of salary top-up. For a truly excellent candidate, we may sponsor a work visa.


We have a generous budget for individual professional development activities, as well as group sessions to network and collaborate. Our teachers are encouraged to seek out professional development opportunities that interest them and complement their own skills. The school is happy to support these endeavours both with funding and flexible scheduling.


Our community is one of our biggest selling points. Work with colleagues who share your passion for creative education, and interact with diverse families who choose Claren Academy with excitement and appreciation.