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Last Updated: 12/10/2023 4:08:08 PM EST

Overview: Teaching Abroad at BCISB

British Columbia International School Bangkok (BCISB) is a BC-certified offshore school in the Kingdom of Thailand. Our tight-knit school is supported by the local community, making BCISB a welcoming and desirable workplace environment for overseas teachers.

BCISB’s International Program includes a BC Ministry of Education certified program for students from Grades 10-12, and our accredited Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) program enrolls students from Pre-K to Grade 12.

Our graduates receive diplomas that are issued by both the Ministry of Education in British Columbia, and the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Why teach at BCISB?

Are you energetic, creative, and enjoy collaboration? Does your educational philosophy value personalized learning and assessment and an inquiry approach to teaching and learning?

If so, this may be the job you are looking for! British Columbia International School Bangkok offers amazing teaching opportunities at a modern, state-of-the-art school. Join our global team of educators—come for the opportunity and stay for the warm weather!

Our educational philosophy

BCISB is a positive, inclusive and compassionate environment where students and teachers are respected for their individualism and recognized for their unique contributions. We encourage students to challenge themselves and pursue excellence in their academic and home lives. We show by example how to value positive attitudes, patience, tolerance, creativity and a strong sense of self-worth, which grounds how we interact and work with one another.

BCISB was the very first British Columbia Global Education program in Southeast Asia. We are dedicated to upholding the high standards set forth by the BC. Ministry of Education.

Draw for Employees

BCISB is a relatively small international school with small class sizes and excellent facilities to accommodate students of varying needs.

Teachers are attracted to teaching at BCISB because of our excellent professional and personal growth opportunities. As BCISB’s student population grows, we will continue adding state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support learning inside and outside of the classroom.

We believe in the importance of professional development

BCISB believes in the importance of professional development in the lives of its educators. Every teacher is allotted a budget for individual professional development, in addition to the workshops provided on teacher in-service days. Professionally, staff must work as a Professional Learning Community collaborating to provide the best service for improved student performance.

Community & School Culture

BCISB is an international school with a Thai heart. At BCISB, you can expect to be fully immersed in Thai culture and traditions.

BCISB students participate in Thai language and culture courses and English education under the BC program. We also encourage our students and employees to embrace and participate in both Thai and North American cultural activities and holidays.

School Community

BCISB’s learning environment is student-centred. We focus on understanding how a student learns, where they are academically, socially, and emotionally and how we can aid them in further development. Our team is comprised of dedicated staff and teachers with experience in multiple specialties.

Whether learning takes place in-person or online, our teachers deliver high-quality, international education. BCISB believes in collaboration, inquiry-based learning, student-centred instruction, and unfailing devotion to meeting the needs of our students.

BCISB’s campus

BCISB is just outside of Bangkok’s city center in a very affordable and convenient location. The school is surrounded by many markets, grocery stores, shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues to add to employees’ work/life balance.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

Thailand is an country of a thousand beaches

Each Thai island has a unique vibe—imprinted with its own distinctive natural and cultural environments. One quality that is consistent among all islands is a natural beauty that personifies Thailand. You can gaze out into the clear blue waters at the other islands and sea beyond.

Elephant & Mountains

On the other side of the country, the landscape entirely changes with lush forest-covered mountains for you to zigzag up on your scooter or hike up for some clarity. Plus, don’t miss the chance to play around with Thailand’s unofficial mascot, the elephant, at one of the sanctuaries around Chiang Mai.

Passport to the Peninsula

Southeast Asia is a backpacker’s paradise, but there’s way too much to explore in just two weeks or even two months. When you teach in Thailand, you’ll have a firm home base for trips to the surrounding countries of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and beyond.

Salary and Benefits

Your teacher’s salary will go a long way in Thailand. Because of a favourable exchange rate and low cost of living, you’ll be able to fully enjoy living in Bangkok. With a teacher’s salary, you can easily book a quick getaway or a luxury evening stay in Bangkok and still afford to buy extra books for your classroom, with Baht to spare.


  • Holidays including Thai Government Holidays, Christmas and New Year’s Vacation, summer holidays, and Thai New Year (Songkran Festival)
  • Five days of sick leave/personal business leave per school year
  • Free lunch daily at the school canteen
  • Fees associated with Visa and Work Permit
  • Standard Medical health insurance effective for the duration of the Agreement
  • $1100 flight allowance per school year

How to Apply

Unlike many other international schools, BCISB does not require previous experience or completion of an initial contract to apply for employment. As a new teacher looking to launch your career, you join BCISB and gain valuable experiences that will help diversify your resume and open doors in the future.

All teachers go through a multi-stage hiring process to ensure a high standard of education for our students. Our teachers are also active in the broader community, participating in and organizing various events and activities throughout the year.

For visa and accreditation purposes, BCISB requires candidates to submit the following documents:

  • Bachelors of Education Degree
  • All other Degrees acquired
  • Proof of BC teaching license
  • Canadian Criminal record check