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Since 1990, Boundary Bay Montessori School (BBMS) has offered a quality educational program that remains true to the spirit of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy of education to help equip children with the tools necessary to become independent adults while allowing their unique personalities to unfold. Our school is committed to working with each family to nurture each child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. We value the importance of educating the child in understanding themselves, others and their place in the world.

Why Teach at Boundary Bay Montessori School?

Our school is committed to working with each family to nurture each child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. We value the importance of educating the child in understanding themselves, others and their place in the world.

We acknowledge, respect and honour the traditional territory of the Tsawwassen and Musqueam First Nations and all of the Hun’qumi’num speaking peoples who have been stewards of this land since time immemorial.

Draw for Employees

Teachers who value working in a supportive, collegial and co-operative working environment in which all aspects of child development (academic, social, emotional and physical) are nurtured will enjoy working at Boundary Bay Montessori School. The teaching team, made up of preschool, primary, intermediate and specialist (French, music, art) teachers work collaboratively to make decisions and carry out responsibilities. New staff are supported and mentored to develop confidence in their role. Strong and positive relationships with parents are valued.

Why you’ll love it here

We’re in a beautiful rural location 10 minutes from the town centre. This is a small, safe community of like-minded educators who value relationships. Our workplace culture is one of support, professionalism and laughter. Staff members consider themselves to be a part of a team where decision-making and responsibility is collaborative and shared.

Teachers are given the opportunity to develop their professional skills, deliver quality programming and feel the satisfaction of meeting student needs by working in a class that has a low student-teacher ratio.

Our School Culture and Programs

Boundary Bay Montessori School (BBMS) is operated by the Montessori in Delta Society, a non-profit society with an elected board made up of nominated members of the parent community. Centrally located close to Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta/South Surrey, BBMS is situated in a pastoral setting with a wonderful view of the Cascade Mountains in the background. The new school was constructed in 2003 and houses preschool and Kindergarten (ages 3 to 6), primary (ages 6 to 9) and intermediate (ages 9 to 13) classrooms.

School Community

Montessori education views each child as a unique individual with his or her own interests, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We recognize and support that they learn at their own pace and have their own learning style. Montessori classrooms include a curriculum that covers a span of interests and abilities that support all students (including accelerated students) in the class thereby creating a highly enriched learning environment. The materials are unique in that they range from simple to complex and lead the student from a concrete experience to an abstract mastery of concepts. In a mixed level class, children find peers working at their current level. Young children are stimulated by the older children’s work and the older children develop mastery by serving as tutors and role models for the younger ones.

Our Unique Programs

The Montessori curriculum is generalized under the following areas: mathematics, geometry, language (writing, spelling, reading, penmanship and grammar) and culture (history and geography, and physics, chemistry, geology and biology, including zoology and botany). Using criteria-based assessment we outline expectations, determine goals and provide self-evaluation in order to allow students to deepen their knowledge of concepts and successfully progress through the curriculum standards. BBMS has adapted the new BC curriculum following the concepts of big ideas and core competencies. Although the core principles of our school system are derived from Montessori educational philosophy, we also incorporate best practice in our orientation to learning. Our methods of student evaluation and accountability for personal learning are based on criteria-based assessment. We also include the teaching of virtues, social thinking and William Glasser’s choice theory to students.

Lifestyle and Recreational Opportunities

The broader community of Delta has a hospital, an airport, a museum and archives, libraries, sports and recreational facilities, and many biking and walking trails in a varied network of parks, including waterfront parks on the Fraser River, Boundary Bay and Strait of Georgia.

The Community

BBMS is located in the community of Ladner, which (along with Tsawwassen and North Delta) is part of the city of Delta and home to around 100,000 people. Just 30 minutes from Vancouver, Ladner has all the amenities of a larger centre with a small town feel and a welcoming and relaxed vibe. It’s a perfect place to raise a young family, is accessible for older residents and a great choice for those wanting to pursue an active lifestyle.

Ladner is 30 minutes to the US border and has easy access to a ferry terminal from which BC Ferries offers routes to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the northern coast of BC.

Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are countless opportunities for outdoor recreation in the nearby area, which is home to sports complexes, baseball and soccer fields, cycling trails, horseback riding, and opportunities for all types of water sports on the Fraser River, Boundary Bay and Salish Sea, such as fishing, crabbing, water-skiing, rowing, parasailing, swimming, skimboarding and more.

Salary and Benefits

Salaries and benefits vary among employers.

Salary will be negotiated based on certification and experience. We offer a Sirius extended health and dental benefit plan.

A Commitment to Professional Development

Full-time teaching staff are offered coverage of professional development related workshops and resources of up to $800 per year.

Application Requirements

This employer may have specific requirements unique to their application process.

Applications must include a cover letter, resume, two professional references and one character reference, a copy of your teacher’s certificate and a copy of your Montessori training certificate. Preference is given to candidates who have Montessori training or experience. Please include where you were trained and the level of training achieved in your application. If you have experience assisting in a Montessori environment, please include a description of your work.