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Last Updated: 5/23/2024 2:06:29 PM EST

Why Teach At Aatse Davie School?

Before Aatse Davie School became a band-operated independent school in 1993, the school was operated by the Department of Indian Affairs. In assuming control of its educational program, the Kwadacha community began a process leading to an improvement in educational outcomes.

Our mission

The mission of Aatse Davie School is to develop all students into confident, responsible individuals with strong self-esteem, pride in their heritage and community, and the ability to function successfully within and outside of Kwadacha. We have three core beliefs at Aatse Davie School: work, respect and belonging.

Our community

Kwadacha is located 600 kilometres north of Prince George in the Rocky Mountain Trench and is home to 350 people. We have a grocery store, a health centre with full-time nurses and an NHL-sized outdoor hockey rink.

This warm and welcoming community is a spectacular place for anyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors. Access to the outside world is through an eight-hour radio controlled logging road or a one-hour flight from Prince George.

Salary and Benefits

We offer salaries that are competitive with those in the local public school district (ranging from $64,000 to $100,000). We offer full health benefits and a pension plan, as well as retention incentives for teachers who stay several years in the community. Fully furnished housing is available at a reasonable rent of $350 per month, which includes all utilities. We offer great professional development opportunities in and outside of the community.

Application Requirements

We require a cover letter, resume with references and a valid teaching certificate.