District Overview

“To enable each individual to realize his or her full personal potential.”

We believe that by knowing each student’s learning needs, we can support their success in our classrooms. We are dedicated to creating diverse pathways for our students so that they will have options for meaningful learning.

Regional Diversity

Our district, located in the Rocky Mountain foothills, was first settled by Aboriginal people who saw the potential that was here. Aboriginals represent about 25% of our population, and two Hutterite colonies within the district also add richness to our cultural base. The array of outdoor summer and winter sports is beyond compare.

Specialty Programs

Our district’s outdoor education facility – which includes a world-class climbing wall – is the envy of the north. A distance education school, the Rolla “Traditional” School and Parkhill “Community” School all add to the rich opportunities available for working and living. Our staff enjoy excellent personal and professional development support from the district.

Community Culture

Each community offers many possibilities to explore diverse interests. You may discover dinosaur fossils in Tumbler Ridge or learn chainsaw carving in Chetwynd. A vibrant performing arts scene exists in both the wider Dawson Creek community and in the high school, which is home to song writing, painting, genealogy and poetry clubs.

Draw for Employees

This is a superior place to build your career and life. From this rural area, you can reach large metropolitan centers within a half-day drive. Recreational opportunities are excellent – from the community multiplex and the many sports clubs to the incredible wilderness landscapes, streams and lakes.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers typically receive a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • medical, dental, and extended health plans;
  • group life insurance benefits;
  • teachers’ pension;
  • extended health benefits for dependents of deceased employees;
  • accidental disability insurance;
  • salary indemnity plan benefit;
  • supplemental employment benefits on maternity leave;
  • employee and family assistance programs.


Teachers in positions with special responsibilities, e.g. department heads, teacher consultants, teacher coordinators, counsellors, psychologists, alternate school teachers, speech pathologists, may receive a financial allowance of $2,000-$4,000 annually.

Teachers working in remote and rural schools may also receive a recruitment allowance, and an annual retention allowance. Learn more about teacher salaries with the Salary Finder tool.

For specific details about Peace River South’s compensation, salary, and benefits, please refer to their collective agreement.

District Map

Whatever it Takes… One Student at a Time