Important Announcement

July 4, 2017 Update

The Ministry of Education is unable to renew certification of B.C. Offshore schools in Korea while it affirms local government approval to operate with Korean government officials.

Overview: BC-Certified Offshore Schools in South Korea

Teach, travel and explore South Korea, a modern country with a strong cultural heritage and prominent western influence.

Four BC-certified offshore schools operating in South Korea are BC Collegiate Canada (BCCC), BIS Canada, Westminster Canadian Academy (WCA), and SIS Canada.

The largest employer, BCCC, employs 25 teachers, and its mission is to provide its 240 students a Western education built on the pillars of technology, arts, and technology. The school campus is located in the posh Gangnam district in Seoul, and its facilities are first-rate. Classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, students have access to iPads, and there are even indoor soccer, basketball and climbing wall facilities on campus.

Just outside of Seoul is the city of Gwacheon-si, which is the location of Westminster Canadian Academy. It is a school that caters to parents that appreciate small class sizes and are interested in exposing their children to outdoor, film, and arts education. There are even alternative programs specially focused on the arts and sciences.

Further south is BIS Canada, which is located in Seongnam City. The school is located in an area with large green spaces. Because of the location and the support of school administrators, many of BIS Canada’s Canadian teachers stay for many years.

Located on the northeastern coast of South Korea, is the BC offshore school of SIS Canada. This boutique school with modern facilities and high-tech classrooms is located in the small city of Sokcho, which happens to be the neighbour of Pyongchang, the site of 2018 Winter Olympics.

Culture of South Korea

South Korea is a modern country with everything that you need. Wherever you decide to teach, you will be connected by a modern transportation system that can get you from one city to another. From South Korea, it is also easy to travel to other Asian countries like Japan and China.

The culture is very traditional; however, there are noticeable Western influences. There are Western-style shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, sporting, and cultural activities to enjoy in South Korean cities.

There are also opportunities to enjoy snow sports and the beach activities in South Korean’s coastal towns. There are even opportunities to go surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing.


The majority of students are English Language Learners, and their abilities vary from class to class. Students are eager to learn and are academically motivated. Many aspire to graduate with a BC Dogwood Diploma, and to attend a North American university.


Each BC-certified offshore school in South Korea offers its own unique professional, lifestyle, and recreational opportunities. Explore BC Collegiate Canada, BIS Canada, CBIS Canada, SIS Canada, and Westminster Canadian Academy to find your next teaching job.

Map of South Korean Schools

List of Schools

  1. BC Collegiate Canada



  2. BIS Canada



  3. CBIS Canada



  4. SIS Canada



  5. Westminster Canadian Academy

    Gwacheon City, Kyunggi-Do