Teach, travel and explore Moga, India, the site for the BC-certified offshore school, Canadian Point Grey School (CPGA).

Canadian Point Grey School’s mission is to teach our students social responsibility, to use technology to access learning resources, and to become well balanced students through the study of the Academics, Arts, and Athletics. The school’s aim is to fully equip students with the knowledge and skills to succeed and thrive at universities in Canada.

S.B.R.S. Gurukul, the school that houses CPGA, along with a women’s’ college and secondary school for girls was founded by Sant Baba Ram Singh Sidhu. His goal was to provide a world-class education to as many children in the community as possible.

Today, over 1,200 students attend S.B.R.S. Schools and continue to provide excellent educational opportunities to excel in Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. Above all, students are provided the education needed to give them the priceless value of knowledge to become better citizens in today’s global community.

Offshore Education Ltd. is a Canadian corporation which operates Canadian Point Grey School. Offshore Education Ltd. supports the growth and development of the school through hiring teachers, selecting resources, and planning the implementation of the BC Offshore Program at Canadian Point Grey School according to BC Ministry of Education requirements.

Canadian Point Grey School is operated by Offshore Education Ltd. They are also partners with Saanich School District 63 Business Company on Vancouver Island. This cooperation provides for Summer School Programs, Online Courses for Credit, and Teacher Training Programs. This authentic and beneficial connection with the BC school system creates a strong partnership to enhance the growth of our school and students.

Culture of India

Moga boasts a rich agricultural landscape with a humid subtropical climate with three distinct seasons: summer, winter and monsoon. Moga is located in the Punjab province in India with a population of approximately 150,000 residents. Sikhism is the predominant region, and the city is known for its temples and gurudwaras. Travel from Moga to other regions in India is accessible by bus, trains and planes.

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School Community

Canadian Point Grey School offers a sprawling campus with dorms, dedicated academic buildings, sports faculties in a comfortable, rural setting.

Classrooms equipped with Wi-Fi and projectors to support modern learning activities. There are science labs, art rooms and technology labs.

There are dormitories on campus for boarding students, and there is a large cafeteria space for staff and students.

There are also soccer fields, cricket pitches, and a track. There are even horses to support the Equestrian program.

Canadian Point Grey is a great destination for those who are interested in working and travelling throughout India. It is a destination rich in culture, history, and art. For those with an interest in ancient civilizations, the Punjab province is the place to be to explore ancient temples, shrines, and historical sites of significance.

As for accommodation, BC teachers employed at the school enjoy air conditioned rent-free apartments, subsidized utilities, meals, and transportation.

Salary and Benefits

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How to Apply

Apply to teach by emailing Scott Reid, Director of Education, at sreid@offshoreeducation.org.

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