Overview: Teaching Abroad at Sino-Canada

Sino-Canada High School is a BC-certified offshore school in the pristine city of Luxu, China. The school is on the site of a decommissioned theme park called Frobel Land and relics of the former theme park can be seen throughout the campus. The school’s quiet lakeside location is ideal for students and teachers seeking a peaceful school environment.

Sino-Canada High School is reputed for its well-rounded BC program, high academic standing, and extracurricular programs. The BC program includes core subjects plus theatre, visual arts, dance, music, and AP math. In an effort to offer even more variety, the school plans to expand its AP programs.

Operating since 2003, the school has earned a positive reputation in the offshore community, especially in international teacher circles. Many teachers that arrive at the school are recruited through positive word-of-mouth.

Because of the school’s reputation, parents from the neighbouring cities Shanghai and Suzhou send their kids to study at Sino-Canada. Nearly 900 students are enrolled in the BC program presently–even more are enrolled in the school’s Bilingual Support, English Foundations (EF), Junior, and Primary programs.

Community Culture

At Sino-Canada School, there is a real sense of community and congeniality among staff members and the administrative team.

The school community is welcoming and many feel as if their colleagues are a part of an extended family.  There are barbecues and staff outings held regularly.

The school’s administrative team is also supportive.  One of its top priorities is to ensure that the needs of all staff and students are met.

Many teachers stay five, six years, and even longer. The school’s administrative team has an excellent rapport with teachers, and as such, many new teachers that arrive at Sino-Canada are recruited through positive word-of-mouth.

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Draw for Employees

What attracts BC teachers to Sino-Canada are its location, lifestyle advantages, and recreational opportunities.

Luxu is an ideal location for teachers that want to explore and travel. Located between the cities of Shanghai and Suzhou, Luxu is a hub for easy travel to larger cities, such as Nanjing, Wenzhou, Changzhou, Shanghai, and Suzhou. When classes end at 11:30am on Fridays, many teachers take the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and other nearby cities for the evening and weekend.

The lifestyle in Luxu is relaxed, and there are lots of interesting sites to visit. There are several water towns nearby which are worth a visit. The city is not too busy, and you can comfortably go for a stroll, run or bike ride.

Teachers at Sino-Canada live in furnished and affordable apartments on campus. If apartments are unavailable, the school will put you up in a hotel (free of charge) and help you find alternative accommodations.

While living in Luxu, you have every amenity of a modern city. There is a department store, Western-style restaurants, and a Starbucks, which will be opening soon.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers at Sino-Canada School earn approximately $58,700 CAD annually. Other benefits include return airfare, medical coverage, and professional development opportunities.

Coordinated by the school, professional development may involve formal and informal activities. This may involve attending conferences/workshops, completing individual coursework, or reading to stay abreast of trends in pedagogy and curriculum-delivery.

If you’re interested in teaching at Sino-Canada School, you may contact Mark Butcher, School Liaison/Superintendent of Schools at Butcher.mark@sinocanada.ca. He will happily connect you to one of the school’s teachers to tell you about their experiences.

How to Apply

To apply, complete the online application on their website.

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