Overview: Teaching Abroad at Grand Canadian Academy

Grand Canadian Academy has offered BC-certified secondary programs since 2005. Over 10 years, GCA has gained extensive experience and expertise in helping teachers to explore teaching in Tongxiang, China. The BC Program is housed within Mao Dun High School, a Chinese public school serving 2825 students.

The campus facilities include classrooms, laboratories, a large gymnasium, fine arts facilities, large theatres, an observatory, playing fields, cafeteria, dormitory, campus store, and medical centre. The campus is also well endowed with ample green space and waterways.

Currently, the School’s BC Program enrols 112 students in Grades 10-12. The students are friendly, and you can’t walk down a hallway at GCA without many smiles and hellos.

Community Culture

Tongxiang is a friendly small city in one of China’s wealthiest provinces. It’s a safe and comfortable place to live in and travel from. Shanghai is just a short 40 min train ride away and beautiful Hangzhou is only a 20 min train ride away. World-famous Wuzhen, a beautiful water town, is only a 30 min commute by taxi.

Tongxiang is a bustling, fast-growing city that is still affordable. There are terrific markets, a variety of restaurants (both local and foreign), coffee shops, shopping malls, bars, gyms, and lots of little shops. It has a rich heritage and a vibrant economy. Many products are made in the area including silks, furs and leather products which make it possible to get decent prices.

If you’re looking for a cultural experience, Tongxiang is an excellent place to learn about Chinese culture. There are hundreds of years of history to be experienced all around the city. The famous water town, Wuzhen is a short taxi ride away.

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Draw for Employees

Teachers come here for adventure and cultural experience, to gain teaching experience, and for opportunities to learn and travel. Teachers stay at GCA mainly because of the lifestyle it affords them. They can live in an affordable city, save money and travel in their time off.

Staff and administration in GCA are also very supportive and helpful.

Salary and Benefits

Teachers at Grand Canadian Academy earn from $42,000 CAD to $50,000 CAD annually.

How to Apply

Apply to teach, or inquire about employment opportunities at GCA by emailing wtl@gcahighschool.ca.

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