Bus Driving


A School Bus Driver is an example of a position within the transportation department. They are responsible for operating District school buses, transporting students to and from school and related events and ensuring the bus is maintained and operated in a safe and hygienic condition.

Certification and Qualification Details

A Class 2 driver’s license maybe required as well as knowledge of highway and school bus regulations.


Support Staff in BC’s K-12 Education Sector are members of their local support staff union. The terms of employment, including hours of work, will vary depending on the district, the collective agreement, and the type of position held by the employee. Some districts have applied for and received temporary labour market adjustment hourly increases for specific positions to address the recruitment and retention difficulty of certain position; these adjustments are not reflected in the wages below.

The following are salary estimates based on data from August 1, 2009.  Salaries and hourly rates vary from district to district.

Support Staff Position Hourly Wage Ranges Avg. Salary Rates
Bus Driver Min: $19.95 – Max: $26.54 Avg: $22.72

Training and Educational Programs

Programs in British Columbia:

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