Teaching Assistants & Special Education Assistants

Teaching Assistants

Positions within this classification provide general assistance to support teachers, students and/or school programs. Positions include:

  • Teacher Assistants
  • Special Education Assistant
  • Supervision Aides
  • Food Program Aides
  • Library Aides
  • Science Aides
  • Multicultural Support Worker
  • Youth Care Worker
  • Aboriginal Support Worker
  • Community School Assistants

Certification and Qualification Details

High school graduation and additional specialized training maybe required. See individual school district for specific qualifications and/or certifications.

Special Education Assistants

Special Education Assistants work with teachers to support students with special needs. This support may include behaviour management, curriculum implementation, social skills development, personal care and physical assistance.

The positions within this classification will vary from more general to more specialized positions such as:

  • Autism Support Worker
  • Severe Behaviour Worker
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) Therapist

Certification and Qualification Details

Specialized training will be required. This may include certificates or diplomas from recognized college programs such as:

  • Classroom and Community Support Worker Program
  • Special Education Assistant Certificate
  • Special Needs Worker Program

See individual school district for specific qualifications and/or certifications.


Support Staff in BC’s K-12 Education Sector are members of their local support staff union. The terms of employment, including hours of work, will vary depending on the district, the collective agreement, and the type of position held by the employee. Some districts have applied for and received temporary labour market adjustment hourly increases for specific positions to address the recruitment and retention difficulty of certain position; these adjustments are not reflected in the wages below.

The following are salary estimates based on data from August 1, 2009.  Salaries and hourly rates vary from district to district.

Support Staff Position Hourly Wage Ranges Avg. Hourly Wages
Teaching Assistant Min: $17.21 – Max: $25.93 Avg: $21.99
Special Education Assistant Min: $18.91 – Max: $27.00 Avg: $23.52
Child and Youth Care Worker Min: $18.49 – Max: $31.16 Avg: $24.65
Aboriginal Support Worker Min: $16.27 – Max: $28.61 Avg: $22.92
Child and Youth Care Worker Min: $18.49 – Max: $31.16 Avg: $24.65
StrongStart Facilitator Min: $22.71 – Max: $25.00 Avg: $23.90
Visual Language Interpreter Min: $19.01 – Max: $28.12 Avg: $23.48
Noon Hour Supervisor Min: $14.85 – Max: $25.25 Avg: $19.17


Training and Educational Programs

Programs in British Columbia:

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