Gulf Islands: School District 64

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We are dedicated to:

  • providing quality educational experiences for young people, including active partnerships among students, parents, teachers, staff, the board and the community;
  • maximizing students’ academic, social and vocational potential; and
  • helping students develop a lasting respect for learning and a lifelong desire to explore new ideas and experiences.

We also believe in the importance of continuously evaluating the school system and regularly reviewing and assessing procedures.

Regional Diversity

Our school district is home to people of many different cultures, including 70 to 80 international students each year. The islands are the traditional home and ceremonial, fishing and hunting territory of a number of Coast Salish First Nations. Our community deeply values diversity, and a love for differences is, ironically, what we have in common.

Specialty Programs

We offer a very popular international program, the Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts (GISPA), the Saturna Ecological Education Centre (SEEC), Ace-It programs and many other successful school-based initiatives. Our district promotes and supports constructivist teaching methods, cognitive apprenticeship, situated learning and other learning approaches that take into account natural learning processes. Professional development and professional growth are well supported.

Community Culture

Our district culture is welcoming, accepting and encouraging. We support positive risk-taking on the part of our staff members and our community when it is done to provide or improve learning opportunities for all students. We embrace and support best practices in modern learning.

Draw for Employees

We offer a true learning community where each employee has real input and is made to feel part of a team. We expect excellence from our employees, and, in turn, support excellence. The beauty of our region, health of our professional learning community and progressive view of education make us a great destination for the 21st century teacher.

District Info
School District #64
A Community of Learners
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Quick Facts
Number of Islands 5
Number of Schools 11
Elementary 7
Middle 1
High School 1
K-12 1
Alternative 1
French Immersion 2
Number of Students 1,480
Number of Employees 230

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